Struggling with slimming.

I re-joined Slimming world on Thursday, I have been a member on and off for a few years and did lose some weight with them. I really want to stick with it this time and loose a few stone at least.

I got weighed and I am 14 stone 5lbs. My club 10 is 12 stone 12lbs so that will be my 1st target, and I think an eventual target of about 10 stone 7lbs although that isnt set in stone.

Its only my 1st week and I am already struggling.
I really don’t like salad, it just tastes awful to me.
I don’t like brown bread very much but will have it if i have too.
I don’t enjoy eating fruits.
I can’t eat cereal, I find it very boring.

I don’t know what to eat for breakfast and lunches, I know that I should be having 1/3rd superfree with each meal and I find it easy to do with tea, but not breakfast or lunch.

We had a lovely tea last night of Lightly dusted basa fillets with veg and homemade mash

fish and veg

We have loads of books of recipes and books with syn values of things but at the moment I am uninspired.

So tell me your favorite recipes, inspire me and help me loose weight!

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