slimming world- weight loss update 17/07/2014

Well this week I stayed the same, so still 13 st 3.5lbs with a loss of 1 st 1.5lbs.

I’m not too surprised as I have been working a lot this week, my mum hasn’t been feeling very well so food shopping and meal planning/cooking haven’t been stuck too. We have had a lot of convenience foods and takeaways, and I also went to the wedding, where I ate a 3 course meal and drank alcohol.

All in all I think a sts ( stayed the same) isn’t too bad for the week i’ve had.

People have been telling me that I look thinner and I have actually managed to fit (squeeze) into a size 14  (:O!!!!) pair of trousers from tesco’s.

For this next week I need to plan, shop and stick to the plan to actually lose some weight.

Spam me with meal and snack ideas!
I am very fussy, don’t like salad (except red pepper) and not a big fruit fan.

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