Slimming world – 3 months on.

I joined slimming world at the end of March and at my last weigh in on Thursday 26th June had lost a total of 1 stone.

I have made two previous posts and you can read here and here if you would like.

I still have a long journey ahead of me and I know there will be ups and downs, losses and gains but I am determined to lose weight and keep it off.

I am now 13st 5lbs accourding to the slimming world scales ( 12st 13lbs on our home ones) I have a couple of gains over the last month but it is off again now.
I have just over 10 weeks till I go on holiday and would like to lose another 9 or 10 lbs before we go.

I will try and document more of my slimming world journey both motivate myself and keep a record.
Weight loss is a battle but every half pound off is a step in the right direction.

Please share any slimming world recipes you have loved or any tips that has helped you.
Any help and support is welcome.


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