WDW 2016 – day 1 – Magic Kingdom

Our first full day and it started off not so bring and early at 6am with C eaking up and telling me she was hungry, which didnt surprise me as she slept through dinner the evening before.

We got up and dressed, got our bags ready and put on our ponchos and the rain cover on the buggy as it was really raining.

We went and got the bus to Magic kingdom, we arrived just before 9am and went in. We saw Minnie mouse so decided to queue up and meet her 😀

     2016-01-27 09.27.46 2016-01-27 09.27.41
2016-01-27 09.27.49 2016-01-27 09.27.59

We then went to starbucks on mainstreet to grab some coffee and breakfast before heading to Fantasy land.
We had 3 fastpasses prebooked
– Peter pan’s flight at 9.45-10.45am
– seven dwarfs mine train 10.45-11.45am
– Enchanted tales with belle 1.10-2.10 pm
And managed to book and extra one for Winnie the pooh after we had used the others for 2.15-3.15pm.

Even though it was raining we managed to get LOADS done during the day, we went on….
Peter pan’s flight – great for all the family, also best to FP as queue’s can get quite long.
It’s a small world (twice) – short queue’s and fast loader, great for everyone
Seven dwarfs mine train – It’s a roller coaster with an over 37″ ride height restriction which C was tall enough for so we got to ride together. Good ride, but need a FP!
Enchanted tales with Belle – We had never done this before so were unsure what it even was but if you have kids under 10 then it’s a must, the interactions with Belle are great and kids get involved.
Ariel’s ride – Fast loader, short queue, lovely ride.
The Barnstormer – littler roller coaster, no queue at all when we went over 35″ to ride.
Winnie the pooh -Really nice ride where you fly.
Dumbo – This had been doubled and a play area added to the queue. We walked on as it was quiet but i can imagine that in high season it would be long!
The jungle cruise – 20 minute queue for use but worth the wait as always a good ride
Pirates of the Caribbean – 15 minute wait time but we never waited that long. another good ride and nice and cool inside
The Carousel (twice) – C loved the carousel and the different sized horses make it great for everyone.
Splash mountain – we did baby swap on this ride, mum and dad rode first while I waited with C then mum and I rode. C played on the play area located under the bridge near the exit and had more fun running around with the other kids in there than she had had on some of the rides.
Hall of presidents – Nice to see some american history and have a sit down in the cool.
Philimagic – 4D musical show which is great for everyone.

We also went on the magic kingdom railroad train.

We went for lunch in the starlight cafe in tomorrow land, main, drink and dessert for a Quick service credit.

C eating chicken nuggets

C eating chicken nuggets

My pulled pork sandwich and fries

My pulled pork sandwich and fries

Here is a selection of photo’s from the day.

2016-01-27 09.58.00 2016-01-27 10.31.06-1 2016-01-27 10.35.53 2016-01-27 11.43.58 2016-01-27 11.45.24 2016-01-27 13.15.59 2016-01-27 13.27.10 2016-01-27 13.32.02 2016-01-27 13.37.24 2016-01-27 13.40.32 2016-01-27 13.45.39 2016-01-27 15.26.09 2016-01-27 15.38.10

 For tea we had booked Be our Guest for 6.40pm, this was a resturant that we hadn’t tried before so I couldnt wait.

We arrived about 15 minutes earlier and checked up, then walked over the bridge to wait inside.

2016-01-27 18.24.24 2016-01-27 18.28.15 2016-01-27 18.36.49 2016-01-27 18.36.54
I have to say that it was amazing!
For starters I had French onion soup and mum and dad shared a meat platter,
2016-01-27 18.55.48 2016-01-27 18.57.46 2016-01-27 18.56.04
For my main I chose the steak which was rare, it was perfectly cooked, mum chose the lamb and dad had scallops, we had ordered C mac and cheese with brocolli but she fell asleep before it arrived.
2016-01-27 19.36.28 2016-01-27 19.39.30 2016-01-27 19.36.35 2016-01-27 19.35.45 2016-01-27 19.35.33
For dessert I had the grey stuff, it really is delicious, mum had a pastry cream cake and dad chose the lemon meringue cupcake.

2016-01-27 19.57.13 2016-01-27 19.57.36 2016-01-27 19.57.23

After we finished and paid we met the breast before leaving the Magic kingdom and coming back to the hotel.
We arrived about about 9.30pm and settled in for the night.

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