Florida- hotel arrival and Magic Kingdom

Here is my next Florida Walt Disney world post, You can read the previous one here.

We arrived at our hotel, Coronado springs, at about 5 pm and checked in.
We went up to our room 6313 and quickly unpacked, before meeting my parents to go and get the bus to Magic kingdom.

Mickey on the bed, a lovely little touch

Mickey on the bed, a lovely little touch

The sink area

The sink area

In past years it has always been a tradition to go to EPCOT on the day we arrived but mum decided that Magic kingdom would be better as it had extra magic hours so was open till midnight.

Arriving at Magic kingdom and walking up main street for the 1 st time that holiday was lovely, the heat and the atmosphere just blows you away, although it was raining which did draw a little of the magic away.

We went straight to Cosmic Rays in Tommorowland once we got into the park to enjoy a well deserved meal.
As they sever a variety of fast food meals and there was something that each of us would eat.
I got a lovely pulled pork burger!
It was just as lovely as I remembered It from my previous trip and the chips were yummy too. 

We then had a walk around, as we had just arrived it was mostly soaking in the atmosphere and relaxing.
We went into Fantasyland from Tomorrowland and caught our 1st glimpses of the new expansion. The wait was quite long for the 7 dwarfs mine train so we continued to walk around and explore.
We did go to Philharmagic though as it was closing for refurbishment and we didn’t want to miss going on it.

We were all tired as we has been up since 6 am and it was nearing 2 am at home,  we decided to head back to the hotel not long after that and we headed to the bus stops, luckily we didn’t have a very long wait

When we got back and settled, I realised that I had forgotten to buy any milk and knew C would wake up during the night for a bottle.
So after telling Dan I was going out ( which he doesn’t remember at all) I took a leisurely walk over to the main building to go to the shop.

It was a lovely evening after the rain earlier in the day, still very warm and clear.
I took a couple of pictures of the main building on my walk but they are not too clear.
IMAG1530 IMAG1531

I got back and finally went to bed for some well earned sleep.

I will be telling you more and sharing some photos as soon as I have time to type it up.


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