23 week countdown to WDW 2016!

This week I started a Pinterest board of ideas for a few things for our holiday such as:-

Buggy signs – A decorative sign to hang on out buggy to help identifying it in the stroller parks a little easier.

“Mouse”keeping goody bagsWe have always left a tip on the last day for housekeeping but after joining “It’s Orlando Time” on Facebook we read some suggestions for tipping daily as you don’t have the same cleaner each day, which makes sense. Some people have also left little envelopes and thank you cards. My mum and I want to make up a little goody bag to leave out each day with a little bar of Cadburys chocolate ( because American chocolate is nothing like ours!) a $5 tip, a thank you note and possible some other little things.
I have ordered some little pillow envelopes from Hobbycraft, So I’m researching what we can put in now so any suggestions are welcome!

scrapbook/autograph book – I want to take another little scrapbook/ autograph book for C to have to remember the holiday. This time I want to do some of the basework before we go so its easier to just fill it in and add pictures later.

We have also ordered a couple of  Biaggi Zip Sak Foldable Luggage by Lori Greiner from QVCUK These will be brilliant as we can take them in out main cases on the outward journey when we are travelling economy so are allowed one case each, and bring them back filled on the way home when we have booked to travel premium economy and get 2 cases each 😀


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