21 week countdown to WDW 2016!

Only 21 weeks to go, I got reminded on my timehop that this time last year our WDW countdown was at 6 days!

Wish it was that close already but we still have nearly 150 days to go :(

This week I have been researching the letter of consent that I need to take with me, allowing me to travel to Florida with C. It’s just not something you think about is it? Having to get permission to take your own child on holiday.

Although I’m her mum, because she has a different surname to me I need permission from Dan to take her on holiday.
Maybe we should have double barrelled her surname but then she would have a very long name to learn to spell one day, its long enough as it is really.

I have also bought her a Belle dress in Tesco to take with us to Florida. So I can do a DIY bibbidi bobbidi boutique one morning as she will be under the 3 year old minimum age to book her in there.

I’m going to get make up, nail varnish, hair gel and glitter hairspray and research the best way do it.
Look out for that blog post next year, I might even try and do a bit of a video.

Till next week


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