Holiday planning again

I have a couple of holidays in the next 6 months that are being planning, both family friendly as well as toddler free time.


In October I am going away for the weekend with just my best friend for a girls weekend in London.
We are going to watch a show, shop and explore the big city.
We went last month, it was my 1st time being away from C and although I missed her I enjoyed being able to just do what I wanted for a few days while knowing that she was safe and happy. It was so last minute, as it was actually my mum and Auntie Ann’s weekend break but they gave us the chance to go as my grandparents were ill, so we didn’t get a chance to really plan what we wanted to do, although I must say we did fit in a lot!

We did the London Eye, shopped in Harrods, saw Buckingham palace, walked in St James’ Park and walked around the outside of St Paul’s cathedral in the rain and took shelter on the steps (it was closed). We went to Camden, Spitalfields and Borough markets, and got our pictures taken at platform 9 3/4 in Kings cross.
As well as going to see the Jersey boys at the theatre, and meeting up with one of our other friend who lives there and having afternoon tea.

I also bought a Disney Harrods Tshirt in the sale for me to wear in Florida next year, and to encourage me to lose weight as it is a medium and I am not yet.
This is me wearing it now and once I lose a couple of stone it will look a lot better.


Here are a couple of pictures of our London trip
wpid-imag4322.jpgwpid-imag4270.jpg    wpid-imag4275.jpgwpid-imag4292.jpgwpid-imag4250.jpg
Where would you suggest we go on our next London adventure?


Mum, Dad, C and I are also going back to Florida in January 😀 Back to Walt Disney World for our next Disney fix.
We are planning where to go on each day and deciding which restaurants we are planning on booking as our advanced dining reservations (ADR’s) we can make these 180 days before we travel, We really want to book Be Our Guest this time so need to get on there as soon as possible and book it.
We are as using a crowd control calender to figure out the best days to visit each park and have quite a list now.

I am also planning my shopping trips, probably some clothes for C and some Disney Pandora, I love it all but will probably only be able to get one or two charms. I will also get a pearl from Japan in Epcot as it is tradition.

Do you have any Disney traditions?

There has been talk of a possible camping trip or caravan holiday with some friends but that is still only an idea at the moment.

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