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On the ninth day of parenting….Life doesn’t stop at Christmas

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So here we go with my post for day nine!
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On the ninth day of parenting….Life doesn’t stop at Christmas
(wow day 9! are you still with me? :p )

What’s you favourite Christmas song?

For some Christmas is just another normal day, by this I mean that normal everyday things still need to happen, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean that the baby won’t want to be fed or the kids won’t argue. In fairness there will probably be more arguments like” he stole my new toy” or “it’s my go and she wont let me” and not just from the kids.

Parenting is a 24 hour 365 day a year job with no real time off, because even if you aren’t with your kids you are still thinking and worrying about them, and if your family is anything like mine then people also have to work on Christmas day, this year I will be working Christmas evening.

The world keeps turning and services still need to run, so while your unwrapping your presents and tucking into your turkey. Spare a thought for those who are in work when they would much rather be celebrating with their families.

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Parents – Working, stay at home or a mixture?

When I got into work Tuesday morning there was a conversation on the radio about how there is a decline in stay at home mums, and that now only about 1 in 10 mums are now stay at home mums, but the number of stay at home dad’s apparently hasn’t risen in the last couple of decades.
I might have gotten that wrong or miss heard as I was in work with people about and the level was low but I’m pretty sure that was the gist of the conversation.

It was on BBC Radio Merseyside and they were asking people to call in and give their opinions. As I was in work it wasn’t appropriate for me to do so but it was something that I think everyone should have an opinion on. I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last week, so I though I would write a post.

I am a part time working mum.
Although I only work part time at the moment and my work hours do vary week on week, I work some daytime shifts as well as evenings and weekends. So I know how it feels to be out working and also at home.
My boyfriend Dan works morning shifts 5 days a week, so childcare is split between us and our families.
we are lucky to have the support network of family and friends that gives us the able to work without having to spend extortionate amounts on childcare. Continue reading