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Life got in the way…so here is October

I’m sorry that I’ve taken such a long gap in writing but life and uni have well and truly take over.
I don’t seem to have a spare second to think at the moment with lectures, assignments, clinical skills labs and exams to study for, on top of looking after C.

My parents were away on holiday for most of October so I didn’t have the support I usually do from them meaning I had even less time, although she did go to stay at her dad’s for half term week meaning I could concentrate on uni work a little more.

C has been amazing through all the recent change of me starting uni as well her days in nursery going up to two full days and one morning. I cant believe how grown up she is now.

so I should catch you up on what we have been up to over the last month or so.

 October started with me and my best friend Danii hopping in the car one Friday evening and travelling to London to see the Happy potter and the cursed child play on the Saturday!

if you get a chance you need to see it, #keepthesecret
We had booked the tickets nearly a year before so had been waiting a long time for it.

In the middle of October Sam and I took C to crazy golf for the 1st time, she wasn’t overly impressed and I think it was a bit much for her at only 3 and 3/4, but I got some cute videos of her trying to hit the ball.

Then we started to get ready for Halloween 😀
We painted paper plates to make pumpkins for the windows. C loves to paint so it was a great activity and kept her entertained for a little while.
wpid-wp-1478893940755.jpg wpid-wp-1478893804068.jpg

C and I went pumpkin picking to church hall farm not too far from Liverpool. I was a cold but lovely day and I got some of my favourite pictures of C this year, her playing in the hay and jumping about having fun.
We got 4 lovely pumpkins to carve ( 3 for home and one for her dad’s house)
C rode on a donkey, and had loads of fun running on the bales of hay.
wpid-wp-1478894203471.jpg wpid-wp-1478894203459.jpgwpid-wp-1478894072490.jpg


I love this picture :D

I love this picture :D

Afterwards we went to MacDonald’s for tea and C had a lovely rainbow painted on her face.


C has started swimming lessons and already achieved her duckling award 1 😀 she loves swimming, and is already trying to do it alone ( she’s not quite there yet thought)

We carved our pumpkins for Halloween

and decorated outside the house, making a “crime scene” using chalk

Then on Halloween C got to wear her costume to nursery before trick or treating in the evening, she chose to be a pirate this year. She loved trick or treating, running to the houses on her own ( while me and danii waited at the end of the path) saying ” trick or treat” and ” happy Halloween”

She got so many sweets that she doesn’t need to buy more till next year!

Oh and in big news after waiting over 3 years I FINALLY have a new bed, It’s a king size ottoman style so plenty of accessible storage and is so comfy 😀

October was a fun month!!!

My parents returned from holiday at the start of November and I have been busy with lectures and writing assignments that are due this month, one 3500 word essay as well as a 1500 word annotated bibliography, both due on the 25th November.

I promise to update more as I am mainly keeping this as an online diary so C can see what she did and liked when she was younger, and so family can see what we have been up too.


4 weeks notice :D

Well I handed in my 4 weeks notice to work last week.
As of the 18th August I will be off for a month before I start Uni as a full time nursing student.
Summer holidays here I come 😀

I will be spending time with C before she goes back to nursery as we will be upping her hours and she will be going for 2 and a half days a week.

I’m currently looking for a last minute holiday somewhere for us to go on, Do you have any suggestions?
Looking at the last week in August/ start of September, somewhere that isn’t to far to travel ( from home in Liverpool) but with things to do.

I’m also looking at doing some day trips and visiting some local attractions like the museum and possibly the zoo.

I will also be sorting out things in the house, getting everything clean and tidy. I know that once i’m at uni then I wont be able to help around the house as much and that my mum will have c a lot more on her own so it will be harder to keep on top of all the household chores.

I want to use some of the time once C is back in nursery to sort out her room, maybe put her bed from toddler sized into the next stage and get rid of some of the babyish toys and things in there.
If I can make the room into a good space for her to play and relax. As i’m sure she will be becoming more independent as she grows older and be able to play on her own.
I also want to encouraging her so get dressed on her own and tidy up after herself so reorganising her room will help with that.

What are you top tips for kids bedrooms? 

Sorry I was AWOL again.

I have been quite again recently and I am sorry for not posting. I just don’t seem to be able to find time to write very much.
I know that I don’t have to post often or at all really but I like to post and to share what we have been doing. It helps to keep me sane, helps to remember special things and events. It also is a way keep everyone who wants to know what we have been up to in the loop.

So here is some of the things that we have been dealing with:-

– My Granddad John Caldwell aka Pop’s passed away on the 21st September. He had been in St Luke’s nursing home in Runcorn for a while, being cared for as he had advanced Dementia, his funeral was on the 5th October.
It was a lovely send off, and although C and I didn’t go to the Church we attended the Cremation and wake. She behaved so very well and I was so proud of her.


C in her Funeral outfit looking so grown up

– I have also been working extra shifts in work to cover holidays as well as going to University open days and trying to sort out my UCAS application as I want to go back to Uni very soon.
I will be shadowing some Nurses over the next few weeks as well to get some extra experience for my application in the hopes that it will improve my chances of gaining a place on the course.

– We have started Potty Training C as well as a visit from the Dummy fairy. (I will write more about this in another post.)

– I am going away to London on Friday with my best friend as a belated birthday treat so I look forward to telling you about that as well.

I will try to post more often and keep up to date with posts as best I can.
I have plans about post to add in the run up to Christmas, so watch this space.

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 19

Day 19



This picture is not really creative at all but this is my view when I tip my head back to stretch on shifts in work on a Friday night  or Sunday afternoon.
I love my job, it is honestly a very easy one but it can also be a little boring at time’s being in a room on your own for hours on end just waiting for a patient to arrive or some paperwork to do.

Back to work tomorrow.

Just a quick post to say that I am back to work tomorrow and on a long day 8.30am till 7pm, after spending the last 3 and a half weeks off on sick leave recovering for surgery.
I’m excited to go back but I will miss C as I have been able to spend quality time with her while I’ve been off.
This will also mean that I will hopefully get back to blogging, I tend to be able to blog more when I’m working as strange as it seems. When I’m at home I have an active 2 year old, a dog and a million things to do. When i’m in work, although I do have jobs to do, I also get breaks and free time between booking in patients, helping the doctors and faxing over forms to be able to research posts, write notes and type posts.

I haven’t really felt like blogging while I’ve been on sick leave and with everything that has happened in our family. Two of my grandparents where hospitalized, at separate times but both are thankfully now home and recovering. My mum and Auntie Ann were meant to go to London on the 19th but didn’t want to go as My grandad was in hospital, they insisted that I went on the weekend away with my best friend as I needed to get away and enjoy myself after the surgery and break up. They had paid for it (Hotel, 1st class return train tickets, show tickets) and didn’t want it to go to waste, I will write about that weekend sometime this week and share some pictures of our fab weekend.

I’ll say bye for now as I really should get some sleep

Busy day

Today is a very busy day, after a broken nights sleep, I have been in work since just after 8am this morning and will be finishing at 2pm. But I don’t get to go home and relax…no I have to go home, pick up C and drop her off with Dan’s lovely auntie who has volunteered to was her.
Then go and pick him up and drive all the way to Coventry.

I bet your wondering what lovely thing means a trip to Coventry, well it’s nothing for me I’m just the chauffer. Dan is going to LAN again and I get to drive him all the way there, with road works and average speed camera’s on the M6.


So today I have to make a 240 mile round trip to drop Dan off so he can CAMP ( :O !!! ) for 5 days.
I personally think they are mental camping in this weather its just too cold!

I’m also meant to finish tonight off with the new hunger games film at the cinema with my best friend, but who knows how long it will take me to get to Coventry and back.
Plus I will need to put C to bed, after not seeing her for nearly the whole day.

This week is a busy work week

This week seems to be very busy.
I’m working 6 out of 7 days, doing double shifts on two days as well as CPR training on Monday night, Guides on Tuesday night and a guide camp activity day in Warrington on Saturday. I don’t have one free day this week, and I’m looking for activities to take C too.


My diary pages are looking a lot fuller than usual. I usually work Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The rest of my week is spent :-

  • Looking after C, who is active and only occasionally naps during the day.
  • Food shopping -Although I must admit I mostly do it online now as its easier.
  • A little cleaning – I should do more really but its difficult with the toddler
  • Guides- I do guides every Tuesday evening of term time, as well as the odd activity day meeting and training.
  • Other shopping – birthday cards, presents, Christmas bits, clothes etc that need doing on a weekly basis
  • Seeing friends- I try to see people when I can, not always possible but I try.
  • Blogging – As you can probably tell by how far down the list this is and by how much I’ve posted lately, I don’t get too much free time to blog during the week, its snatched moments as and when I get a chance and a lot of my posts are drafted many times adding small snip bits of information as and when.

Busy weeks are a blessing and a curse, they will fly over and it will be a week closer to Christmas but it also means that C is a week older.
She no longer looks like a baby, not that she really seemed like a little baby for that long at all since she walked at 9 months, but she is starting to loose the toddler look and look a lot more like a little girl.
She is just growing up too fast and I know there is no way to stop it, I just have to keep taking photo’s, backing them up and also blogging.
Blogging is my way of documenting our lives as they happen, the interesting and the mundane, I want to remember everything and share it all with whoever wants to read.


Me time

Now me time doesn’t happen often as a mum, My main job is looking after C . Its a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week , 365 day a year job that I wouldn’t give up for the world. *

But occasionally we all need a little “Me time” to read a book, watch a film or go and enjoy something that isn’t aimed at or includes children.
This weekend I am doing two things that I consider “me time” things. I have started reading a new book, and I am attending the cake and bake show in manchester.

I won tickets to the show last month and have been looking forward to going with my best friend. I could take C with me I suppose but I think she is a little young to appreciate it and we would probably have to leave earlier if she came. So my mum is kindly watching her for me so I can go and have a good day out, Thank you mum! I can’t wait!!!

Most of my “me time” happens in work. I am very lucky that with the job I have I can find the time to read the odd chapter or research something for my blog.
I love my job but I wish I had more hours. Its part time in the evening and weekends and with the job Dan does (mornings) I need the evening work so that, If my parents and his parents, are away then he is able to be home with C while i’m at work.

I will be posting about the cake and bake show when I have time, and might even review the book i’m reading, Its called Liverpool angels by Lyn Andrews.

* Thank you Auntie Ann for pointing out my mistake in the 1st paragraph! It has now been fixed

13-19/1/14 round up of the week.

This last week has flown over.


Monday was a mixture of chasing baby C up and down the stairs, making some lovely food (sticky sausage with mash and sweetcorn) and Baby C stealing my mum’s handbag.

IMAG0758 IMAG0769 IMAG0771 IMAG0779







Tuesday we spent the morning at home, had a lovely healthy lunch of veg and rice, then I had work in the afternoon so Baby C spent the afternoon with nanny. I picked her up after I finished and took her to Guides with me to see everyone after the christmas break. She enjoyed playing with the Guides, Being dressed up by her guidemother Clairbear and eating chocolate.

IMAG0794 IMAG0795







Wednesday I worked the morning shift and Baby C stayed with Daddy as he had the day off. Nanny and grandad went to visit great nan and great grandad in Wales. We had an uneventful afternoon at home then a fun play before bed, and looked at baby C’s Stars ( she got the Cloud b ladybug from nanny).

IMAG0798 IMAG0800











Thursday was a quiet day, I took my brother to a couple of appointments, went to Asda, and made some mushrooms and eggs in the slowcooker to have with beans. Baby C was up late on Thursday as she just wouldn’t go to sleep, She even tried to make freddie dog get out of bed.

IMAG0802 IMAG0806 IMAG0807 IMAG0809







Friday started out with C mesmerised by the TV and only sitting still for a whole 2 minutes, the rest of the day was filled with drama and arguments, trying to tidy and clean and ended up in a huge argument with my brother ( I didn’t empty the bin bag of rubbish over the floor he did). My parents also arrived home and I went for my evening shift in work.

IMAG0810 IMAG0812











Saturday Me, Mum and Baby C went shopping in the morning then we went to my nans to visit with family. My cousin took a little video and has included it in his blog of the week ( I am not on it thankfully, I was retrieving a Baby C who was escaping at the time) Afterwards Baby C and I went for coffee with my best friend and did a huge tesco shop.

Sunday I picked My boyfriend up from work and we dropped Baby C off at his mums for the afternoon, We then went to the cinema to see delivery man. It is a funny film and a nice way to spend a couple of hours. I then dropped him off at his friends before I went to work for my evening shift.

Overall its been busy week.

A very long day.

Today seems like the a never ending day. Last night was a very broken nights sleep after not getting to sleep until after 2am I spent hours awake as Baby C was crying a lot with colic type pains. Then Freddie, Our hungarian vizsla, started crying at 4am because he needed to go outside. At 5.30 my dad knocking on my door asking if I was dropping him off at the train station. Unfortunately I was too tired after not much sleep and I had to start work at 7.45.

I got up without waking Baby C and got ready for work, left at 7.20 and arrived early so I started my shift a little early. It was a very boring shift and really dragged today, I spent most of my shift talking about baking and cake decorating with the Walk in centre staff and trying to find something to do. Finally 1.30pm arrived and I could go home 😀

I got home to a lovely welcome from my beautiful baby, who had just woken up from her nap. We had a play and I gave her some cheese, pear and dessert for lunch and played some more. She loves her peekaboo cheeky monkey book at the moment.


At 4.20 Nanna came and picked Baby C up as she goes there on a Wednesday afternoon for a couple of hours, While she was out we went for a carvery for tea. It was delicious I have eaten far too much ( mostly veg) but I had been looking forward to a carvery for Ages!Here is a(slightly blurred) Picture of my meal. I have to say I didn’t eat the yorkshire as it was too dry and crispy, and I left some potatoes and veg as well.


I came home, put some washing on, sorted out some bottles and tidied up a little before Baby C is due home. I really hope that she will go to bed early tonight after her bath and bottle.

update…I am Amazed Baby C came home, had her bath and her bottle and by 8.10pm she looked like this


She is now asleep in bed! I am off to get an early night soon 😀 Fingers crossed she sleeps well tonight x