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slimming world….again!

Well I joined Slimming world again! I’ve now lost count how many times ive joined a slimming group weather its slimming world or weight watchers. I join, I have a few good weeks then life gets in the way again.

Well I joined again a couple of weeks ago. I am doing it for me and no one else this time, I’m doing it so that I have the energy to play with C, so I don’t get to tired on placement or damage my feet and legs by carrying so much extra weight.

I am at my heaviest and I know it is because I am happy with my life at the moment.
I’m in a relationship with a man that I love and that loves me ( bumps, rolls and all), he tells me I am perfect as I am and I know to him that I am, that he loves me for me, but I need to love me completely too and to do that I need to actually like what I see in the mirror.
I have a beautiful daughter who is just perfect, she is bright and bubbily and full of energy, my family are amazing and so supportive, and Uni is going well at the moment.

Even though I am so happy, when I look in the mirror I don’t see the person that I imagine in my head, and I avoid mirrors for that reason. When I look in the mirror I see a much bigger person looking back at me, which doesn’t make me as happy.

I joined slimming world at 16 stone 2 pounds, in just 2 weeks I have lost 9 pounds so I am currently at 15st 7lbs.
I am happy and really enjoying the plan 😀 ( not unusual at week 3 thought, fingers crossed I stick to it this time)
I do have my bad days, I enjoy chocolate and don’t like fruit or salad, I struggle to get the 1/3 of a plate of super free food at each meal, so I have to be creative and get extra when I can.

I’ve posting food picture on Instagram, Facebook and twitter if you want to follow me and see my journey. I don’t get to blog often anymore as life is just so busy but I aim to try and do more posts ( not likely but I can dream)

My new Fitbit Charge

Yesterday I finally got my Fitbit Charge working.
I decided that I wanted to buy a Fitbit and after doing a little research decided that the one most suited to me was he Fitbit Charge. I bought my Fitbit Charge from John Lewis as I had a £50 gift voucher to use and as It was down to £69.99 It only cost me £19.99, so was a bargain really.
I ordered it online on the 15th July and picked it up on the 17th, I put it straight on and when I got home I went to charge and sync it only to find that the sync device and charger wires were missing from the box, because of work and family I haven’t had a chance to get back into town until yesterday to exchange it.

When I got home I finally set up my Fitbit account on the computer and also on my phone, then I put it on to charge as the battery was low. I cant wait to see how much I walk and track my sleep to see how many times I wake up of a night. I think that wearing it will motivate me to do more exercise as I can see how few steps I have done at just the touch of a button.

I wore it to bed last night and tracked my sleep, I slept for 6 hours with 2 period of being awake and 15 restless periods. C had me up twice so I know that it accurate.


Do you have a Fitbit?
Has it motivated you to exercise more?

 I really hope that it will help me lose the 4 stone that I have set as my goal in conjunction with my slimming world plan.
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Struggling with slimming.

I re-joined Slimming world on Thursday, I have been a member on and off for a few years and did lose some weight with them. I really want to stick with it this time and loose a few stone at least.

I got weighed and I am 14 stone 5lbs. My club 10 is 12 stone 12lbs so that will be my 1st target, and I think an eventual target of about 10 stone 7lbs although that isnt set in stone. Continue reading