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My wedding scrapbook

I am not a girly girl and have never been, I grew up with 1 brother and 3 male cousins to play with. Although I did have dolls I was never one to plan and dream about that one special day, when I get to wear the perfect dress, with flowers and pretty things. I don’t really like dresses, and only wear one if I have too.

To me a perfect wedding would be all of my family and friends gathering to celebrate me and Dan choosing to get married. Our wedding will never be a small one, we both have quite large families and lots of friends that we would want to share in our day.

There are a few things that I know I want (or will have even if i don’t) for my wedding …if I ever have one, I have never been engaged and not sure if Dan will ever ask, I suppose I could always ask him 😉

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