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Holiday planning again

I have a couple of holidays in the next 6 months that are being planning, both family friendly as well as toddler free time.


In October I am going away for the weekend with just my best friend for a girls weekend in London.
We are going to watch a show, shop and explore the big city.
We went last month, it was my 1st time being away from C and although I missed her I enjoyed being able to just do what I wanted for a few days while knowing that she was safe and happy. It was so last minute, as it was actually my mum and Auntie Ann’s weekend break but they gave us the chance to go as my grandparents were ill, so we didn’t get a chance to really plan what we wanted to do, although I must say we did fit in a lot! Continue reading

Holiday Photo’s

Over the last week I have been slowly sorting and downloading our holiday photo’s.
Although I took a camera most of my pictures where on my phone, oh I only took about 1500 of them :O

My dad purchased memory maker before we went on holiday and we got about 360 ride, character and street photo’s taken in the Disney parks that we were able to download, It is amazing value as the package costs $149 but the quality and quantity of pictures is great. We could have had many more taken if we had wanted too as well.

I still need to download all the pictures from my mums camera, and get copies of the ones from Dan’s phone and my dad’s camera.
Getting all the pictures sorted and chosen is a job in itself and with work and looking after C I just haven’t had time to do it.

Once I have them all in one place I can then decide which are the best ones to get physical copies of to add to C’s memory book and to make a scrapbook about the holiday.

 For now here are a few of my favourites.

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7 Weeks and counting!

The passport is finally here!

When I got up this morning at 8.30am, I walked across the landing and looked down the stairs, and there it was poking through the letterbox.

I didn’t expect a sunday delivery but I’m very happy its finally here!
Only took 5 weeks.


I put it into the passport cover that I bought a few weeks ago in Primark. It is a Disney print with a bow and ears on the front. It was only £3.50 and is perfect for C’s 1 st passport for our Walt Disney World holiday.


Today I have been looking at travel insurance, I have some through my bank but it doesn’t cover C and Dan as well so I’ve been looking for family travel insurance.

We have been on the my Disney experience planner as well to look at booking Fastpass+ tickets and make meal reservations. I’ve also downloaded the my Disney experience app so it’s all on my phone and I can access it whenever I need to while we are away to see what we have booked each day.

We have been talking about which days are best to visit each park and trying to plan some meals around our park trips.

I haven’t really don’t a lot of planning or preparing this week. My lists are coming along, and we have so much sorting to do before we go its daunting but I’m really excited!

My only worry at the moment is for the dogs while we are away, my brother is not coming on holiday so was meant to be staying at home and looking after them, but he has just got a new job and is currently in London till next week working.
We were planning on my best friend staying but she is only free for the 2nd week to stay here, so i’m hoping that my cousin might be able to stay with them if Tom is still working away.

Well we still have time to sort it all out.