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WDW 2016 – Travel day/Hotel (part 1)

First off i have to admit that I started to try this up last night after we arrived but ended up falling asleep after our long day, you’ll understand after you read the day we had.

We had a very early start, up at 6am after not getting to sleep until after 2am. After I got dressed I woke up C who lay back down and asked for ” one more sleep”, eventually we were up, dressed and ready to leave.
2016-01-26 06.52.03
We were picked up at 7am and after packing the minibus and nearly forgetting a case we were off. We were travelling to Manchester airport using MCLK travel for our transfers, about 10 minutes into the journey dad realised he forgot his backpack, luckily it didn’t contain anything vital as we couldn’t go back for it.

We arrived at the airport at about 8.20am and walked straight up to the desk, we got priority security as we had a buggy and again walked through, so off we went through duty free to find somewhere to get some breakfast.

2016-01-26 09.05.48

We decided on the spinning jenny, big mistake. It was horrible I wouldn’t suggest going there at all. they made so many mistakes with the order and the eggs seemed to be made of rubber they had been under a heat lamp for so long, for £11 it was awful!

Our flight was 11.15am so we did some shopping and looked around before going to our gate 208.
2016-01-26 09.59.49

We boarded quite quickly as we were flying premium economy, when we booked our seats we could only get seats in different rows 2 in row 17 and 2 in row 18. Luckily the couple in row 18 agreed to swap so we could all sit together.

2016-01-26 10.41.48 2016-01-26 10.39.53

It was a loooong flight over 9 hours with a toddler!  C wanted the toilet/ to walk around/ food/ a drink etc every 2 minutes or so it seemed, she was happy to sit and watch her tv or play o nthe tablet for a few minutes byut quickly became bored. Given it was limited space and such a long time C was really good but didn’t sleep for even a minute, she got very fed up in the last half hour as she was soooo excited to get to Disney.

We arrived at MCO 3.30pm local time (8.30pm uk time), getting through immigration and getting our cases was so quick. We decided against putting them on the baggage belts to change terminals as last time it took over an hour and a half to get them back, and just took them on the monorail with us.

We picked up our Alamo rental car and dad upgraded to hold all 5 of our cases, our hire car is huge so I’m not sure if I have the confidence to drive it this time.

We drove to Disney along the 417, C kept asking if we were there yet until she fell asleep 2 minutes before the Disney sign came into view!

2016-01-26 17.05.18
2016-01-26 17.06.16
Checking in at Port Orleans Riverside was quick and easy even with a new trainee being taught waht to do, we got our magic band and room information and headed on over to our room in building 17.

After putting our cases in the room we headed out to go to EPCOT at about 5.15pm (10.15pm uk)

I’ll write about our evening in EPCOT and eating in Mexico and post soon but for now I need some sleep


25 weeks and counting! – WDW 2016

25 weeks and counting until we go to Florida again 😀
This time I am determined to actually document our holiday properly and share all the fun and amazing things we do.

C is so excited, she keeps talking about going on holiday to see Mickey, I don’t think she can understand how long she will have to wait still.

We have booked our flight seat this week, and have started booking our Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR’s), we managed to get a meal at Be our Guest on the day after we arrive. Continue reading