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Pawsome box review take 2

We were recently sent another Pawsome box to review, we were lucky to receive one a few months ago which both our dogs loved.
You can read that review here.

This time Freddie got the summer pawsome box all to himself since we lost Fin in May.
He seemed really excited to see it when it arrived and couldn’t wait for me to open it, he even tried to help.


I took a little video of my unboxing it with the help of Freddie. ( please excuse the lack of narrative, I’m not used to unboxing)

He seems to have really enjoyed all the things in the box. He loved the food elements – the cured sausage and rawhide pork roll.


Each box contains slightly different products all based on one theme which you can read about in the accompanying booklet.
In our box there was:-

  • Mutt and Jeff cured sausage – Which contained a good number of lovely sized sausage that were easy to cut and he would do anything for one, so great for training.
  •  The rawhide pork roll – This lasted a few hours and kept him quiet, although he did insist on throwing it about before starting to eat it.
  •  A collapsible water bowl-I will keep this in the car for when we take him out.
  • A Frisbee- To be honest I haven’t really tried this one out with him as he is obsessed with the campervan at the moment.
  • The orange squeaky campervan – This he loved and so does C to be honest, its noisy and bright so easily visible in long grass if dropped.

Although him or C sitting and squeaking it and laughing is annoying sometimes.

  • Multivitamin paste. It says to give about 2 cm’s for Freddie’s weight, he liked it but it took a while to convince him that he should even try it. I think its a good way to make sure that he is getting the vitamins that he might need as he can be a fussy eater.
    wpid-imag4522.jpg wpid-imag4523.jpg

On the Pawsomebox website you can personalise your profile to let them know what your dogs are like, and they can then personalise the box for your size dog.

There are three types of plans:
Monthly – You pay £19.90 each month and receive a box.
3 monthly – You pay £56.70 in one lump sum which is works out at £18.90 a box for 3 months.
Half-yearly – You pay 6 months upfront with a discounted rate per box of £17.90 and then receive 1 box each month for 6 months.
Yearly –  You pay for twelve monthly boxes together for an even greater discount making it just £15.90 per box.
Each box contains products worth £30, according to the website.
If its something that you are interested in and you think your dogs would benefit then you just need to go to their webpage and sign up.
They also do a purrfectbox for cats
*Disclaimer- I was sent a pawsomebox free for the purpose of the review, All opinions and photographs are my own. I have not been influenced in my opinions, they are all unbias*