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Coffee: At home and on the go!

I love my coffee, I’d say its a small addiction and I rarely go a day without one and have been drinking it for many, many years.
The only exception what when I was pregnant and I didn’t like the tastes as much.

What I don’t like is the cost of a decent cup of coffee while out, it can cost a good £3-4 for one coffee, I only earn £7 odd an hour so it’s quite a lot in perspective. I go for coffee with friends every so often or when out shopping with my mum, so it is really a luxury to get a hot cup of coffee while out.

We got a new Tassimo machine at home a few days ago, so I have been enjoying flavoursome and aromatic costa coffees at home at the push of a button. Don’t get me wrong the machine is expensive and the pods arnt cheap but we got them in Costco on offer, The Americano pods where 80 for £12.99, so for a while at least its cheaper than going out to costa with that same great tasting coffee at home.


The coffee we have in work isn’t great, its provided for us for free so I can’t really complain but it isn’t my preferred one. I don’t really want to pay up to £4 for a nice cup every shift from the local coffee shop. So I have invested in a travel mug, It means that I can make a coffee in our Tassimo at home and bring it with me, its still hot when I get in and I can make another coffee in the mug that will stay hot while I’m working.

It’s a THERMOcafe by THERMOS mug. It isn’t a huge mug only 420ml but keep it hot for over an hour, and wasn’t hugely expensive at £6.50 in Tesco. I will be taking it camping with me in May.


I also bought a little water flask and cup in Paperchase on our shopping trip last week. It has owls on (which I love), The cup screws onto the bottom so is perfect for bringing milk and instant coffee granules in to work. The flask was also £6.50 but I know that I will get plenty of use out of both items so its a good investment.


How do you like your coffee?