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Our travel journals

I always take a holiday journal with me to document what we do everyday, what I ate, what rides I went one etc.

I have got a new travel journal from Paperchase I wrote about it back in April when I bought it, you can read about it here.
In that post I also told you what I was looking for in a travel scrapbook for C.
I never found on in the shops so I have made my own.

I bought a Kirsty Alsop small photo album in Tesco’s clearance section for about £3, it was the perfect size but I didn’t like the colour, floral just doesn’t say Disney or Children’s book to me, so I recovered it.

When we we in B&Q shopping I saw the map wallpaper that just screamed travel journal so I took a sample (plus the office needs redecorating so I wanted to see if it would suit it, i’m still not sure it does).



I removed the hard board covers and recovered them using the map paper before returning them to the album, I think it looks amazing.



As this will be C’s 1st Florida holiday I am making her, her own scrap journal, that I will take with us.
I’ll make notes about her favorite rides, which characters she met, what she loved or disliked etc, and will add pictures in when we get back.

I hope that this will be a lovely keepsake for her to have as she probably wont remember her 1st holiday abroad.

I will also be making a family scrapbook when we return to remember this holiday, and keep all our pictures in it.
I will show you how I make that in a month or so.

Travel Journal

On a few trips over the years I have taken a Travel journal with me, to Switzerland with college, to Florida last time I went and a few other little trips in between.

When I was shopping yesterday in Paperchase in Warrington they had the travel journal that I usually buy in the latest style at half price so I bought it. I needed a new travel journal to start for September and I love the layout of the Paperchase ones.


I love to be able to look back on my time away and remember where I was and what I had enjoyed on different days.

As C will only be 18 months old on her 1st proper holiday she won’t remember it, so I want to make a journal or scrapbook for her. Where we can write about what she did, stick pictures and have messages written ( You can get messages written in different languages in each land in EPCOT)

I am currently on the search for the perfect book to use as her journal.

  • It needs to be about A5 in size for carrying in her bag.
  • It needs to have space for pictures and writing.
  • Pockets for storing things would be great.
  • Plain and lined pages if possible.

I will also be on the look out for stickers and accessories ( glue pens etc) to take to sort her book as we are there.

Do you have a suggestion for a journal/scrapbook I could use?
Have you ever made on for or with your kids?