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September challenge #theidearoom -Day 10

Day 10

Starts with a “B”


Mine and C’s Bed’s last night.
C wasn’t feeling well and came to sleep in my bed last night, She came in at 1 am and tossed and turned until 4.30 am when she promptly threw up all over me, my bed and herself.

I quickly stripped her off to just a nappy and got washed and changed.

C insisted in a visit to granddad’s room for a check up by the resident GP and cuddle while mummy cleaned her room, we then went back to her room as she wanted to sleep in her little bed.
I didn’t want to leave her on her own in case she was sick again (which she was) so I got her old cot mattress what was in our spare room on top of the wardrobe, pulled it off and hit myself in the head with a falling fan ( I didn’t know that had been up on top of it, and couldn’t see it till it hit me :( )

I then set up a little bed in her room and managed to get a couple of hours sleep, well 3h 51m in total all last night which I know thanks to my Fitbit tracker.
We made our “beds” this morning.

 What do you do when your kids are sick?
Sleep in their room with them or have them in with you?


#MySundayPhoto – 16/08/15 (My little girly girl)

This weeks #MySundayphoto was actually only taken this morning.
I went out for breakfast with my best friend and C loved her nails, so we said if she was good we would see if Danii’s sister Gemma would paint her nails for her when we dropped Danii off.

Know I know that some people will disagree with a 2 and a half year old having her nails painted but if she asks for it and it’s not going to hurt her then I see no harm in it 😀

Well C was over the moon and got to pick the colours she wanted, green with sparkly glitter just like Danii 😀


She sat so nicely to have them done, and blew on them between coats.
Gemma did an amazing job! I don’t know how anyone can get kids to sit and listen so well, I swear she will be a fabulous mum one day and should really think of a career in children’s party entertainment or paediatric play in hospitals as she loves to work in the care sector.

C is so lucky to have so many Auntie’s who love her and want to make her happy.
My little girly girl.


#MySundayPhoto – 05/04/15

Here is this weeks #MySundayPhoto,


I took it yesterday on my phone while I was baking some Easter cupcakes, C wanted to help. She helped to weight out the ingredients, then turned on the mixer, she was the official tester (The cake mix was “nice”), then she helped clean up with her mouth lol

I love the far off look on her face as she eats the cake mix.

Do your children like to bake?


The Toddler and the camera

When my dad got a new camera a  couple of years ago he gave me his older one, its a Pentax K100 D Super.
Now I have never studies photography and have no idea what most of the settings do but I really want to take more photo’s with something other than my phone.

I got it out yesterday and realised the batteries where dead. So found a charger and put the batteries on to charge,  it uses 4 rechargeable AA batteries so I think I need to get more so I have spares.
I also found some lovely photo’s on the memory card that I might share at a later date.

This morning I put the batteries in and brought it down to take some pictures, a toddler isn’t the easiest thing to photograph but I got a couple of good pictures of her drawing on her new easel.

IMGP4771IMGP4770  IMGP4778

She then decided that she wanted to take pictures, she knew to hold the camera in a certain way and how to push the button but the photo’s weren’t the best.

wpid-imag3809.jpg wpid-imag3808.jpg wpid-imag3810.jpg

I took a little video of her taking a picture as well as a couple of photo’s that are above.

I think she likes taking pictures 😀
What do you think of her photos?

IMGP4785 IMGP4786 IMGP4787 IMGP4788

Project 365 – week 2

So here is a quick round up of the days 6-12

Day 6- Someone had a little too much fun with the pen’s that Uncle Tom got her for Christmas.


Day 7 – Teach them while their young.


Day 8- Having a Babychino while out for coffee with the girls.


 Day 9 – #Flashbackfriday – Newquay 2007, such a long time and what feels like another life ago, oh to be teenagers again.


Day 10 – Such a girly girl!


Day 11 – Yummy food with my best friend.


Day 12 – How the toddler decided she wanted to watch cartoons this morning.
She has a cough and cold so its a lazy day today.


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16 months old- she’s a toddler!

This week C became a lively 16 month old, well she has always been a livewire but she turned into a 16 month old.
I’m not actually sure where all the time has gone because she seems to have grown up in the blink of an eye. She has gone from my little baby to a toddler, who seems to be verging on the terrible 2’s a little early!

My mum put it well the other day when we were talking. She said that while your pregnant you are planning for this little baby. So much thought, energy and time go into getting everything prepared for the tiny person that will be coming home so very soon. Those 9 months seem like a lifetime of planning and prepping and painting. The cot, changing table and furniture are all put together, all the clothes are bought and hung up on little tiny hangers, everything is folded and stacked and put in place just waiting for the day they come home. 

But that new baby phase is so short.

Within a matter of weeks the little baby that you gave birth to and brought home is starting to change and move on their own, sit up, crawl or in C’s case go straight to walking. All the tiny little clothes are put away and the bigger ones some out.

That little baby that you planned for isn’t so little and you have a mobile baby, but that stage isn’t very long either and soon enough your “baby” is walking and talking and feeding themselves with a fork.using a fork

They seem to grow up overnight.
Their hair that you thought would never grow when they were littler is starting to get in their eyes and will soon need to be trimmed.


They become mischievous and get their own personalities. They grow and learn and want to explore. They pull the dog’s tail and run away when you chase them, they laugh and smile and have so much fun.

My not so little baby is venturing out and looking at the world she lives in. She loves to interact with her environment and the people around her.
She is pushing boundaries and trying new things.
She is learning.
 She is growing and she is no longer my baby in that sense, she is now My toddler and is growing up to fast for my liking. 

water balloon fun

She has passed so many milestone in her very short life but still has so many more to reach, so much to learn and so much life to enjoy.
I cannot wait to be there for every second of it.




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