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C’s tiger sheds competition entry

We have been talking a lot recently about sorting out our garden and making it child friendly for C.
I’d love to get C her own little play house where she had space to play and enjoy the lovely weather that we have been getting recently, and for years to come as well.
Our garden has a shed that is filled with tools, paint and other non-childfriendly items.

I saw a post about the Tiger shed competition and just knew that we had to enter although getting C to design her own house is a little difficult at 18 months old she hasn’t learn enough words to explain what she wants, so I drew a basic house and she coloured it in with finger paints.

tiger house

As you can see on the picture the outside walls would be red with a purple door, and purple picnic table. The monkey bars would be orange and a yellow swing and sandpit. There would be a garden outside.
Inside the house would have a comfy seating area, and a kitchen to make tea, coffee and cake in. The inside walls would be brightly coloured and filled with pictures of friends and family.
There would also be somewhere to store all C’s craft things and a chalkboard wall to draw on.

C really enjoyed painting the house, but as she is 18 months her attention span was a little short.
She needed a bath after as well as I think she got more paint on her than on the picture.

c paint 3 c paint 1 c paint 2

I hope we win but you never know what will happen, you have to be in it to be in with a chance so here is how to enter.
The Tiger sheds dream house #TigercubHideout competition is as follows.

Entry checklist

1. Ask a child to draw their dream house. You can print the dream house template to make it easier! Make sure it is labelled;

2. Upload the picture (if drawn by hand, either scan it or take a photo) in a blog post;

3. Be sure to use the hashtag #TigercubHideout in your blog post;

4. Email a link to your blog post and a contact number to tigersheds@tigerbox.co.uk by midnight on the closing date of Friday, August 29.