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Sun, Church and Family

It’s been a lovely weekend here, sunny weather and quite warm. Yesterday I took baby C to visit my grandparents. 

I put Baby C in the Connecta and we decided to go to the park for a walk with my Nan in her wheelchair, my granddad and My auntie. It was so lovely and sunny! My Nan really enjoyed getting out of the flat and getting fresh air and i’m so thankful that she was able to join us as only a few weeks ago she was in hospital and we were being told that she wouldn’t survive the night.

This morning we when to church, met another little baby who is only 2 weeks old. I cant believe Baby C was ever that small or even smaller as he was 8 lb 2 oz born whereas Baby C was 6 lb 15 oz born, so tiny. 

The last 10 weeks have been some of the most eventful in our family and they are only going to get busier, as she grows and changes.

Next weekend my parents, Baby C and I are going to my cousins wedding, where she will be being introduced to even more members of her extended family.