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#MySundayPhoto – 09/08/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken on Saturday, We were at my nan’s as usual and we decided since the weather was nice to go over to the park near to their house and enjoy the sun.

C and my granddad Eddie were walking along hand in hand, he was pointing out things to her and they looked so sweet together, so I tried to snap a picture, she chose that moment to run to me though.


There are 80 years between them but they are thick as thieves.
Love them both so much


changing dresses and sunshine

4 outfits in one day for Baby C and 2 for mummy!

It’s been one of those long, hot, sticky days…. I love the summer, but I for one am not someone who copes well with heat. I love the cold, you can wrap up in layers to keep warm, put on the fire and sunggle. The heat just makes you sticky and sweaty and when you have a clingy little girl who wants to be picked up and cuddled it isn’t so nice. Also using a carrier in the heat isn’t so much fun.

Baby C has been in 4 different outfits today, she had a nappy leaking incident in the 1st lovely dress she was in, followed by her throwing up on the romper i put her in as soon as i picked her up after dressing her in it. Then came her pink ” its to dressy for a daytime” dress as it was too hand and she hasn’t had an event to wear it too, I am happy to dress he in the most dressy of attire for everyday if i so wish as she is growing so fast and wont get a chance to wear it if she doesn’t wear it as an everyday dress. Again she was sick :( poor little girl and she also managed to get mummy’s jeans that time, and the sofa. So she ended up in a lovely white dress that although says 3-6 months and she is 4 months was too long ( nearly touching her toes) and gaping at the arm holes. But we had 2 mins to change before we needed to leave so that what we went with and everyone who saw her loved it. 

Now to wash the ever increasing pile of small person clothes so she does have something to wear in this lovely sunshine we have, while we have it 😀