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Homemade SW chicken stew and Yorkshire puddings

Mum hasn’t been well for a few weeks and with the rest of us in work on different shifts we haven’t had much time to think about healthy meals.
So when I did the online shopping a few days ago I decided that making some healthy meals in the slow cooker would be a good idea.
It would mean that we will have hot meals available without a mad rush in the evenings.

This morning I threw chicken thighs, carrots, onions, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and broccoli into the slow cooker with some stock and left it on high all day.

At about 4 pm I added some gravy granuals to thicken it up.
It smelt divine and tasted like a roast dinner mash up, and The best thing about this is its Slimming World friendly. there are a couple of syns in the gravy but as its such a big pot, its very low syn per portion ( on EE)

My small portion

My small portion

C's portion

C’s portion

I also decided to try and make Yorkshire pudding to go with it (not SW friendly though), it was the 1st time I had ever made them and I have to say they worked out quite well, if a little misshapen.



I will definitely make Yorkshire puddings again but add less to each or invest in a Yorkshire tray to make larger ones.

I really enjoyed eating it, but I know that it is going to taste so much better cold tomorrow for lunch.
I made enough to feed us with some left overs.

I have to say that apparently my cooking was wasted on C this evening as she refused my puddings and only ate a few bites of the stew.
She did have a big lunch of pasta, followed by a bottle of milk though so she might not have been very hungry.