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slimming world….again!

Well I joined Slimming world again! I’ve now lost count how many times ive joined a slimming group weather its slimming world or weight watchers. I join, I have a few good weeks then life gets in the way again.

Well I joined again a couple of weeks ago. I am doing it for me and no one else this time, I’m doing it so that I have the energy to play with C, so I don’t get to tired on placement or damage my feet and legs by carrying so much extra weight.

I am at my heaviest and I know it is because I am happy with my life at the moment.
I’m in a relationship with a man that I love and that loves me ( bumps, rolls and all), he tells me I am perfect as I am and I know to him that I am, that he loves me for me, but I need to love me completely too and to do that I need to actually like what I see in the mirror.
I have a beautiful daughter who is just perfect, she is bright and bubbily and full of energy, my family are amazing and so supportive, and Uni is going well at the moment.

Even though I am so happy, when I look in the mirror I don’t see the person that I imagine in my head, and I avoid mirrors for that reason. When I look in the mirror I see a much bigger person looking back at me, which doesn’t make me as happy.

I joined slimming world at 16 stone 2 pounds, in just 2 weeks I have lost 9 pounds so I am currently at 15st 7lbs.
I am happy and really enjoying the plan 😀 ( not unusual at week 3 thought, fingers crossed I stick to it this time)
I do have my bad days, I enjoy chocolate and don’t like fruit or salad, I struggle to get the 1/3 of a plate of super free food at each meal, so I have to be creative and get extra when I can.

I’ve posting food picture on Instagram, Facebook and twitter if you want to follow me and see my journey. I don’t get to blog often anymore as life is just so busy but I aim to try and do more posts ( not likely but I can dream)

Slimming world #Week 1 ( again)

So I have yet again re-joined Slimming world, what with everything that has happened to me and our family recently I have been a little off track and just eaten what ever I felt like.

I know that I need to lose weight and with it slowly creeping up its time to stop it once and for all.

I stepped onto the scales yesterday and I am at my heaviest I have ever been. I plan to lose at least 4 stone and keep it off.

 I also ordered a Fitbit yesterday to help motivate me to do more exercise and I’m looking for the best way to track all my food and exercise in one place so I can look back and know where I went wrong and what works best for me.

I’m thinking of adding pages to my already well used K two busy family diary, but need to find the best print off to try 1st or I might design my own.

This is the 1st step on a life long journey and I will hopefully do weekly updates to help keep me motivated, share recipes and my ups and downs with the plan.

so here we go…
Week 1 – 1st weight in – 14st 11lbs.

Rejoining Slimming World

I have yet again rejoined slimming world and this time I really want to make it work.
I now weight 14 stone 11.5 lbs and know that I need to lose weight for both my health and to enjoy my life.
I am 26 years old and 5 foot 2.5 inches tall so nearly 15 stone in WAY to much for me to weigh, I want to enjoy my life with my daughter and boyfriend and spend more time outdoors.

Please send me you favourite recipes to try 

I am also signed up to do the 10K race for life this July and at the moment I’m not sure that I will actually be able to finish it.
I want to start walking more and trying to do the Couch to 5K, I have never been able to run so I don’t expect to run the 10K in July but if I can walk/jog it I will be happy to finish and raise some money to help stop others dying of such horrible cancers.

To sponsor me please go to my just give page https://www.justgiving.com/elliecaldwell8/

I will be updating weekly on my weight-loss and exercise are going, please help me keep on track and get to my goal of being slimmer and healthier.


Race for Life and slimming world.

If you know me then you know that I don’t run, I actually saw a top the other day that describes me very well,
it said

” I run, I’m slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter BUT I RUN”

So when my friend rang me this morning and asked me to do the race for life with her my first answer was “are you mad?”, After spending some more time chatting she had somehow managed to convince me that I should do the race for life with her, great I can do a 5k I thought.
That’s when she tells me that we should do the 10k and we should sign up now before I back out.

So we did!
I have signed up to do a 10K race for life :/
On the 5th July 2015 in Sefton park Liverpool.

Here is my page

Please consider sponsoring me.
I will be starting the couch to 5k program soon and we are starting to go for walks in the evenings to increase our fitness levels.
I have also joined Slimming world again this evening ( starting weight 14st 3.5lbs) and I am feeling very motivated to loose weight and get fit

I will be updating regularly so keep checking


Weightloss update 10/07/14

As I get Weighed on a Thursday Evening I thought that I would start doing a weight loss update every Thursday after class.

Tonight we didn’t stay to class as I needed to get home to get ready for the Wedding that we are going to tomorrow, but we went to get weighed. I go to Slimming World in the CADWA at 6.30pm on a Thursday evening, with my mum and Auntie Ann, It’s our closes class and lead by a lovely lady called Sue.

The Cadwa is a very friendly class full of lovely people, and it doesn’t matter if you lose, gain or stay the same, you get a class and support and help from everyone else.

Tonight I lost 2.5lbs  which takes my total loss since starting slimming world in April to 1 st 1.5lbs.
I am now 13st 3.5lbs and I would love to get below 12st 7lbs before we go away in September.

I would love to get in the 12’s very soon but 3.5lbs is a lot to lose in a week so my aim for next week is 2lbs off.

Do you have any good slimming world recipes that I could try to help me lose it?

Wish me luck

Slimming world – 3 months on.

I joined slimming world at the end of March and at my last weigh in on Thursday 26th June had lost a total of 1 stone.

I have made two previous posts and you can read here and here if you would like.

I still have a long journey ahead of me and I know there will be ups and downs, losses and gains but I am determined to lose weight and keep it off.

I am now 13st 5lbs accourding to the slimming world scales ( 12st 13lbs on our home ones) I have a couple of gains over the last month but it is off again now.
I have just over 10 weeks till I go on holiday and would like to lose another 9 or 10 lbs before we go.

I will try and document more of my slimming world journey both motivate myself and keep a record.
Weight loss is a battle but every half pound off is a step in the right direction.

Please share any slimming world recipes you have loved or any tips that has helped you.
Any help and support is welcome.


Slimming world update 1

*1st 7 weeks*

I joined slimming world on the 20th March 2014 (again) I had been before but not since I had C.

In the last 7 weeks I have lost a total of 10 lbs. Which I think is great but I know if I actually stuck to the plan more I could lose a lot more.

So I have decided to actually stick to it, to stop eating rubbish. These past two weeks havent been great as my mum has been ill. As she is doing slimming world with me, her not eating means that we arent planning or cooking any SW meals and I am just eating convenience foods.

I know using work and having a toddler is an excuse but sometimes grabbing what you can is all you can do.

I go get weighed again on Thursday so the rest of this week I am going to eat healthy balanced meals (as much as possible) and shop so we have good fresh food. 

Wish me luck!


Struggling with slimming.

I re-joined Slimming world on Thursday, I have been a member on and off for a few years and did lose some weight with them. I really want to stick with it this time and loose a few stone at least.

I got weighed and I am 14 stone 5lbs. My club 10 is 12 stone 12lbs so that will be my 1st target, and I think an eventual target of about 10 stone 7lbs although that isnt set in stone. Continue reading