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Struggling with slimming.

I re-joined Slimming world on Thursday, I have been a member on and off for a few years and did lose some weight with them. I really want to stick with it this time and loose a few stone at least.

I got weighed and I am 14 stone 5lbs. My club 10 is 12 stone 12lbs so that will be my 1st target, and I think an eventual target of about 10 stone 7lbs although that isnt set in stone. Continue reading

13/1/13- stairs and slimming

Baby C has way too much energy, i’m hoping following her up the stairs multiple times and generally running around after her will help me lose weight. Baby C has managed to climb to the top of the stairs about 3 times today (with close supervision) She just loves to climb, I am going to need to find a soft play place to take her to to work off some of her energy!   I am going to go to ASDA or Tesco when the baby events are on and get a few baby gates to stop Hurrican C from destroying the whole house and hurting herself.  

I took some video’s of Baby C climbing the stairs today, here is a link to a short video of her.


I am starting to follow the slimming world diet again, i’m not going to classes but am going to weigh myself weekly, track my food in my Ktwo busy life diary. Writing things down tends to keep me on track, and stops me over eating. I also have a support group on facebook of other mums who want to lose weight and eat healthy too.

Tonight we had Sticky sausage for tea, its low fat sausage cooked with onions and peppers in a sauce made of coke zero and passata. We had it with mash and sweetcorn. It was very delicious and very filling. 


Very rough recipe….
Sticky sausage (or chicken)
-chop onions (3) and peppers
-fry in frylight
– in a separate pan fry the sausage ( we had 16, 4 each)
– add onion mix to sausage
– sprinkle over 2 oxo (we used beef)
– in a jug mix passatta 400ml, 1 can coke zero, and a dash of worcestershire sauce.
– add sauce to the pan
– cook to reduce the sauce till it goes sticky.