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A very long day.

Today seems like the a never ending day. Last night was a very broken nights sleep after not getting to sleep until after 2am I spent hours awake as Baby C was crying a lot with colic type pains. Then Freddie, Our hungarian vizsla, started crying at 4am because he needed to go outside. At 5.30 my dad knocking on my door asking if I was dropping him off at the train station. Unfortunately I was too tired after not much sleep and I had to start work at 7.45.

I got up without waking Baby C and got ready for work, left at 7.20 and arrived early so I started my shift a little early. It was a very boring shift and really dragged today, I spent most of my shift talking about baking and cake decorating with the Walk in centre staff and trying to find something to do. Finally 1.30pm arrived and I could go home 😀

I got home to a lovely welcome from my beautiful baby, who had just woken up from her nap. We had a play and I gave her some cheese, pear and dessert for lunch and played some more. She loves her peekaboo cheeky monkey book at the moment.


At 4.20 Nanna came and picked Baby C up as she goes there on a Wednesday afternoon for a couple of hours, While she was out we went for a carvery for tea. It was delicious I have eaten far too much ( mostly veg) but I had been looking forward to a carvery for Ages!Here is a(slightly blurred) Picture of my meal. I have to say I didn’t eat the yorkshire as it was too dry and crispy, and I left some potatoes and veg as well.


I came home, put some washing on, sorted out some bottles and tidied up a little before Baby C is due home. I really hope that she will go to bed early tonight after her bath and bottle.

update…I am Amazed Baby C came home, had her bath and her bottle and by 8.10pm she looked like this


She is now asleep in bed! I am off to get an early night soon 😀 Fingers crossed she sleeps well tonight x