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sorry for radio silence

For the last 2 weeks I havnt really had a chance to write or post anything, It’s been a very busy time with an awful lot happening, it felt like a years worth of problems all in the space of a couple of weeks.

C was sick for a few days she was all out of sorts, she must have caught a vomiting bug from somewhere :(

We had to say goodbye to Dan’s Great Auntie Maggie on the 29th as well, she was a lovely lady who taken far too soon.

Then Finley was ill, he was fine all day on Wednesday the 29th, then he refused to eat his tea and was just laying in the Livingroom  its not the 1st time he has been sleepy and off his food and with C being ill I didn’t know if he had a bug or something too, I wasn’t feeling great either so had an early night. I got up in the middle of the night for more tablets and came down to get some and found Fin lay out one the hall floor and he wouldnt move. I let Freddie out and then Fin stumbled into the garden and basically collapsed. I had to get Dad to help me carry him in and we called the vets who said to take him straight in. We had to rush him in to the vets at 1.30 am and they couldnt hear his heartbeat. he was in cardiac shock. He had fluid drained from around his heart, was put on a drip and had scans and x-rays.


Luckily he is ok at them moment but it is still a mystery as to what caused him to get so sick so quickly. I just hope that he doesn’t get it again as I don’t want to loose him.


I have also had tonsillitis again, I should really see about getting my tonsils taken out as it happens far to often and makes me feel awful.

My mum is also ill with her stomach again, I really hope that she gets better quickly as I hate seeing her so ill. She is in a lot of pain and is unable to eat, it really affects her mood as well which is understandable.
I really wish that there was something that the doctors could do to prevent it.

My grandparents have also been ill, I swear our families need to be quarantined as we all seem to be sick at the moment.

I am going to try and get back into writing when I can I just havnt had a chance.
Please think about us and pray for good health.