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New shoes

On Wednesday we took C to have her feet measured again, she hadn’t had them done since just before we went to Florida and her shoes were starting to feel a little tight.

We went to Clark’s again in Speke as its close but easy to park.
We waited for about 10 minutes to be helped and had a look at all the new autumn styles that were out, I had a talk with another mum looking at shoes as well about how all the girls ones for toddlers seem to be pink.

I’m not a huge pink fan but usually they are the only ones available.
We had a good luck and let C decided what she wanted to try on.

They measured her feet as 5 G so they had grown from 4.5 F.

We chose to tried a pair of white trainers with pink things on them, they didn’t have the grey ones we wanted to try so they brought a pair of boots that I hadn’t actually seen on display.

I love the boots and we ended up getting them, they looked better than the trainers and will be more practical for winter.
They are brown with a fur trim and have no pink on although at £38 they are quite expensive for toddler shoes considering she wont be in them for too long.
C averages about 10-12 weeks between needing new shoes. Although Clark’s suggests getting measured every 8 weeks.


I plan on going to Cheshire oaks in the next few weeks and getting some trainers and wellies in the Clark’s outlet over there. I know Clark’s shoes are expensive and  we do buy other shoes as well to play about in, but I find getting proper fitting shoes to wear most often is best for C as I know they wont damage her feet.

Homemade SW chicken stew and Yorkshire puddings

Mum hasn’t been well for a few weeks and with the rest of us in work on different shifts we haven’t had much time to think about healthy meals.
So when I did the online shopping a few days ago I decided that making some healthy meals in the slow cooker would be a good idea.
It would mean that we will have hot meals available without a mad rush in the evenings.

This morning I threw chicken thighs, carrots, onions, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and broccoli into the slow cooker with some stock and left it on high all day.

At about 4 pm I added some gravy granuals to thicken it up.
It smelt divine and tasted like a roast dinner mash up, and The best thing about this is its Slimming World friendly. there are a couple of syns in the gravy but as its such a big pot, its very low syn per portion ( on EE)

My small portion

My small portion

C's portion

C’s portion

I also decided to try and make Yorkshire pudding to go with it (not SW friendly though), it was the 1st time I had ever made them and I have to say they worked out quite well, if a little misshapen.



I will definitely make Yorkshire puddings again but add less to each or invest in a Yorkshire tray to make larger ones.

I really enjoyed eating it, but I know that it is going to taste so much better cold tomorrow for lunch.
I made enough to feed us with some left overs.

I have to say that apparently my cooking was wasted on C this evening as she refused my puddings and only ate a few bites of the stew.
She did have a big lunch of pasta, followed by a bottle of milk though so she might not have been very hungry.

Ikea shopping

I have to say I love Ikea, I can easily spend a few hours walking around just looking at things.

Dan, C and I went on Wednesday to look at beds. Currently we have a queen sized bed in our room and as C ends up in with us most nights it really isn’t big enough, plus Dan’s feet stick out the end because he is so tall.
We went as we needed to decide what size would be best for us before we ordered online.

I think an Ikea bed would be best as they do Ikea sizes which are 200cm long (aka big enough for Dan)

After spending a few hours walking around and trying out various objects.



I loved that Ikea even have a family bed set up in one of their displays, C seemed to love it but its a little big for our room.


We tried out a few of the mattresses and decided that the 160 x 200 will be big enough for us while still fitting in our room.
I have fallen in love with the Malm ottoman bed in white, as it has hidden storage which will come in handy for hiding presents and tidying away things so they cant be see. It is also at a new lower price of £355.

We also decided on the Hyllestad Pocket sprung mattress, after trying both we decided on the firm as it felt more comfortable. The mattress is £300, which is a little on the steep side but as it has a 25 year guarantee and as I hoping the bed will last a while it will be a good investment.

While there we bought a new king size duvet which is 7.5 tog and covers as I’m always cold when Dan steals the coves in the night and cocoons himself in them. £20 for the duvet and £25 for the covers is not too bad either.

Now I know which bed it is I just need to sort out our room so there is space to put it and order the new one.
I’d also love to find a voucher code or something as £655 plus £35 delivery is going to take a chunk of our savings, but I doubt there is one available but I will check.

We also looked at the toddler beds as soon C will need a bed and IKEA have some lovely little toddler beds.
Not sure what to go for though.

Have you ever bought an IKEA bed?
What do you think of them?

This week is a busy work week

This week seems to be very busy.
I’m working 6 out of 7 days, doing double shifts on two days as well as CPR training on Monday night, Guides on Tuesday night and a guide camp activity day in Warrington on Saturday. I don’t have one free day this week, and I’m looking for activities to take C too.


My diary pages are looking a lot fuller than usual. I usually work Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The rest of my week is spent :-

  • Looking after C, who is active and only occasionally naps during the day.
  • Food shopping -Although I must admit I mostly do it online now as its easier.
  • A little cleaning – I should do more really but its difficult with the toddler
  • Guides- I do guides every Tuesday evening of term time, as well as the odd activity day meeting and training.
  • Other shopping – birthday cards, presents, Christmas bits, clothes etc that need doing on a weekly basis
  • Seeing friends- I try to see people when I can, not always possible but I try.
  • Blogging – As you can probably tell by how far down the list this is and by how much I’ve posted lately, I don’t get too much free time to blog during the week, its snatched moments as and when I get a chance and a lot of my posts are drafted many times adding small snip bits of information as and when.

Busy weeks are a blessing and a curse, they will fly over and it will be a week closer to Christmas but it also means that C is a week older.
She no longer looks like a baby, not that she really seemed like a little baby for that long at all since she walked at 9 months, but she is starting to loose the toddler look and look a lot more like a little girl.
She is just growing up too fast and I know there is no way to stop it, I just have to keep taking photo’s, backing them up and also blogging.
Blogging is my way of documenting our lives as they happen, the interesting and the mundane, I want to remember everything and share it all with whoever wants to read.


Bargain holiday buys for C

While we were away we went to a few outlet malls, and I got a few amazing bargains for C. She was a very lucky girl and got quite a few items of clothing, I’ll tell you about a few of my favorites.

We visited Carters, Gymboree and Osh kosh, as well as a few others but these were my favourite shops for kids clothes.
I bought C’s halloween costume, from Carters, its an Owl and is just so cute! It cost me about $20 which is a real bargain.


I also got an owl top and leggings as well as a pink pair of pants from Gymboree, we have a thing for owls and  they were just so cute I had to get them.


My best bargain was 2 pairs of pj’s in size 2T which came to only $4.50!!! As well as a dress and cardigan that was less than $10. It’s hard to say no to those prices!


wpid-imag1916.jpg wpid-imag1915.jpg

C even picked out her own coat in carters she brought one over too me that was too big and I told her if she got her size she could have it. Guess which cleaver little girl brought me over a 24 months size! My mum isnt a fan of it, as its florecent pink, but we will never loose her in a crowd 😀


I love her new Osh kosh fleece lined dungarees as well, they will keep her nice and warm in winter and plenty of growing room


She also looks so cute in them!
What do you think?


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New shoes!

Ok I know I only posted a few days ago about how I love internet shopping, and that is still true, but some things need to be bought in person and one of those is shoes!

We went to Clarks today to have C’s feet measured and to look at the shoes as their sale started today.
Her feet have gone up a whole size to 4.5 and down in width to an F instead of G fitting.

Nanny ended up buying 3 pairs for C! Continue reading

Some amazing bargains at Asda!

When we went to do the food shop on Wednesday in Asda they had some clothes sale items outside the entrance to the shop. I had had a quick look on my previous visit but didn’t really look closely. This time because I had my mum with me we both had a look, and she found some absolute bargains!

We got :-

Continue reading

13-19/1/14 round up of the week.

This last week has flown over.


Monday was a mixture of chasing baby C up and down the stairs, making some lovely food (sticky sausage with mash and sweetcorn) and Baby C stealing my mum’s handbag.

IMAG0758 IMAG0769 IMAG0771 IMAG0779







Tuesday we spent the morning at home, had a lovely healthy lunch of veg and rice, then I had work in the afternoon so Baby C spent the afternoon with nanny. I picked her up after I finished and took her to Guides with me to see everyone after the christmas break. She enjoyed playing with the Guides, Being dressed up by her guidemother Clairbear and eating chocolate.

IMAG0794 IMAG0795







Wednesday I worked the morning shift and Baby C stayed with Daddy as he had the day off. Nanny and grandad went to visit great nan and great grandad in Wales. We had an uneventful afternoon at home then a fun play before bed, and looked at baby C’s Stars ( she got the Cloud b ladybug from nanny).

IMAG0798 IMAG0800











Thursday was a quiet day, I took my brother to a couple of appointments, went to Asda, and made some mushrooms and eggs in the slowcooker to have with beans. Baby C was up late on Thursday as she just wouldn’t go to sleep, She even tried to make freddie dog get out of bed.

IMAG0802 IMAG0806 IMAG0807 IMAG0809







Friday started out with C mesmerised by the TV and only sitting still for a whole 2 minutes, the rest of the day was filled with drama and arguments, trying to tidy and clean and ended up in a huge argument with my brother ( I didn’t empty the bin bag of rubbish over the floor he did). My parents also arrived home and I went for my evening shift in work.

IMAG0810 IMAG0812











Saturday Me, Mum and Baby C went shopping in the morning then we went to my nans to visit with family. My cousin took a little video and has included it in his blog of the week ( I am not on it thankfully, I was retrieving a Baby C who was escaping at the time) Afterwards Baby C and I went for coffee with my best friend and did a huge tesco shop.

Sunday I picked My boyfriend up from work and we dropped Baby C off at his mums for the afternoon, We then went to the cinema to see delivery man. It is a funny film and a nice way to spend a couple of hours. I then dropped him off at his friends before I went to work for my evening shift.

Overall its been busy week.

11/01/2014 – town shopping and Brave!

Today I went into Town to meet my best friend for coffee and food. Since I was getting the train I decided that I would forgo the pram and use my Connecta instead. Its awful to try and get a pram on the train as it is always too busy and I was right, It was packed, I could barely get on. When we got to town we went to the Cave for coffee then we went on a walking around town. It was so much easier without the pram, I got cuddles with my baby and we both kept warm.

We went to the Disney shop. My Mum is a huge disney fan, she loves it, and is trying to collect all the disney films she loves on Blu-ray since selected titles are currently half price at only £8.49 I decided to buy Brave and Mulan on Blu-ray  We had a look in some other shops then went for a late lunch/ early tea, depending on how you look at it, in Cafe Rouge. Baby C always seems to get fussed over by the waitresses in restaurants. She just smiles and giggles at them and today she got given a balloon, she loves balloons!

We got the train back and Baby C fell asleep in the Connecta, She managed to sleep for over 1.5 hours while I got home and drove to ASDA to get some food as well as while we shopped 😀

Only problem with her sleeping so long means that she won’t go to sleep now, so she is still up at nearly 10pm and we are watching Brave. Well me and my parents are watching it, Baby C is walking around the living room, dressed for bed and destroying the place, she even got a box of chocolates and tried to eat them ( grandad wasn’t watching her).

Soon it will be bedtime as I have a double shift in work tomorrow. so night night all. 

Venture photography studio Warrington

On Friday the 27th September, Baby C and I attended the Baby and Toddler show in event city, Manchester. As I have previously mentioned on my blog.

While there I filled in a questionnaire at the Venture Photography stand, as I did at a few others and they also took some pictures of Baby C to put on their facebook page.

Here is the picture that they selected. I personally dont think it looks like her. Image

I few days later I get a telephone call telling me that I had won a voucher for a family photoshoot with them at their Warrington studio. The voucher was worth £245 and included the shoot and £95 to spend on a picture.

They were lovely and over the following weeks, via phone and email, we arranged a time to go and we booked in to go in last Wednesday to have the pictures taken.The day before I was contacted by the photographer who talked through the shoot and we discussed what we wanted from the shoot.

On Wednesday the 6th November Me, Dan and Baby C all went to the studio in Warrington. When we arrived and were offered refreshments, they asked us to take seats in the waiting area and we were shown books to get ideas. The waiting area is a lovely and calm area with lots of pictures on the walls to show examples of their work and a small play area ( which Baby C loved, although you wouldn’t think she was only 8 months old in this picture)

venture 1 venture 2 venture 3venture 4 venture c

The photographer, Chris, came and introduced himself  and talked through what we wanted from the shoot before taking us up to the studio.  Chris was really nice, he went through the props we had brought and lead us through the shoot while allowing us to be natural. We changed Baby C into a couple of different outfits and changed the lighting as well.

The shoot didn’t take too long about 45 minutes in total, and then we arranged a time to go and view the pictures once Chris had been able to go through, edit them and sorted out a video for us to view.

We were given a booklet after the photoshoot that showed us what we could buy and the prices, to look through before we returned to view the pictures. I was very surprised by the cost, a single 7×5 picture was £95, and that was the starting price.

Here are pictures of the price guide we were given.

IMAG0549 IMAG0550 IMAG0551 IMAG0552 IMAG0553 IMAG0555

We went this afternoon to view the show with all our pictures on, and sit and go through all the images to select which ones we loved.  When we arrived Claire met us and took us in to see our show. I went in thinking that we would just get the free picture and that would be it, but there were so many lovely pictures of all of us together, Baby C on her own or with just one of us. I knew there was no way that I could let so many good pictures simply be deleted, but we don’t have the space for the physical pictures to put them up. So we looked at the digital options, there was a digital photo frame of all the images from our show or USB stick with 15 images and the video of the show.

When we talked it through and Claire told us prices and the options we decided to go for the USB as it was only £350 after discounts.Now I know saying ONLY £350 sounds brash and off hand but its not, its a HUGE investment for us, especially since we have a new car to pay for, and I have been made redundant from one job. But thats exactly what it is, its an investment. We will use the pictures when we move into our own home, we will have the memories and the pictures, and we will be able to print and share the pictures with friends and family.

I know it is a great expense and I wouldn’t have booked to go if we hadn’t won the voucher. Not because I didn’t want the pictures but because we couldnt have afforded it so wouldn’t have tempted ourselves. We discussed what the best value for money was to us and the USB was it.

I will share some of the pictures when we get the USB and I hope you will agree with me then that it was worth it. I would recommend Venture Photography Warrington to anyone who is looking to get a natural photography experience which is fun and relaxed, If a little pricy.