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22 week countdown to WDW 2016!

I’m a few days late this week as my mum has been unwell and I haven’t had time to get on and write so this will be a very short update.

I picked up a 8×8″ scrapbook, some calendar inserts and some craft supplies from Hobbycraft on Saturday, as well as some crochet hoods and yarn ( but that will be a who other post) and I plan on starting C’s journal/ autograph book soon ready for our holiday.

 I know its early but it will soon be time to pack and go.

I’m also looking at possibly going to LEGOLAND one day while we are there, depending on which rides C will be able to go on and what height requirements they have. We also still need to buy our Universal tickets as they are the only ones that we still need to get.

Well we are another week closer 😀

Our travel journals

I always take a holiday journal with me to document what we do everyday, what I ate, what rides I went one etc.

I have got a new travel journal from Paperchase I wrote about it back in April when I bought it, you can read about it here.
In that post I also told you what I was looking for in a travel scrapbook for C.
I never found on in the shops so I have made my own.

I bought a Kirsty Alsop small photo album in Tesco’s clearance section for about £3, it was the perfect size but I didn’t like the colour, floral just doesn’t say Disney or Children’s book to me, so I recovered it.

When we we in B&Q shopping I saw the map wallpaper that just screamed travel journal so I took a sample (plus the office needs redecorating so I wanted to see if it would suit it, i’m still not sure it does).



I removed the hard board covers and recovered them using the map paper before returning them to the album, I think it looks amazing.



As this will be C’s 1st Florida holiday I am making her, her own scrap journal, that I will take with us.
I’ll make notes about her favorite rides, which characters she met, what she loved or disliked etc, and will add pictures in when we get back.

I hope that this will be a lovely keepsake for her to have as she probably wont remember her 1st holiday abroad.

I will also be making a family scrapbook when we return to remember this holiday, and keep all our pictures in it.
I will show you how I make that in a month or so.