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Emergency information for your car.

One of my friends on Facebook put up a very interesting post a few days ago that really made me think.
It was about the real reason for the “baby on board” or as my dad calls them “fertility signs”, the little plastic window signs that people put on their rear window in cars.

Have you ever wondered why people have them? Continue reading

Guides and CPR

I learn CPR and have regular refreshers through work as part of my job, and think that it is important for everyone to know the information that could save someone’s life.

In guides on Tuesday evening we had some Little Annie dolls and went thought CPR  with the girls.
We talked about when CPR would be needed, how to do it and using a Call Push Rescue Training Kit that we had kindly been lent by another guide unit.
The British Heart Foundation were giving them to youth organisations with people over 12 years old for FREE! but that has been temporarily suspended because of high demand but you can still email to apply.
Using the kit we were able to show the girls how to do CPR and let them have a go on the little inflatable Annie’s.

C even had a little go, well it’s never too young to learn!

Now I know her hand positions need a little work, but its not a bad attempt for a nearly 2 year old.


We aslo showed them how easy it is to download the St johns ambulance app and most of them downloaded it then and there.
It is really easy just go to the play store or equivalent on your phone and type in ” st john ambulance” it should be the 1st one on the screen and select download, it is free so why not go and download it now.

Here is what it looks like just so you know.


Next week we will be going through some other first aid skills, and what to do in other situations such as burns, asthma attacks, and the recovery position.

What first aid skills would you teach a group of 10-14 year olds?