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Back to nursery

We arrived back from holiday yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to blog while away as I had no real internet connection on my laptop or tablet but I did post some pictures on our Instagram and facebook pages, hopefully I will get some time to write about our break this week as C is back in nursery.

Today was C’s 1st day back into nursery so of course that means the obligatory 1st day photo ūüėÄ
I personally love these photo’s and love to look back at the ones my parents took on our 1st days of school.

So here it is C’s 1st day of Preschool ( nursery) 2016



Front door


Today was her first full day in nursery as last year she only did mornings, I chose to send her for 2 full days and one half day this year for a couple of reasons.
1) I am going back to be a student so will be in uni or on placement most of every week.
2) As a form of childcare because it would be too much for my mum to have her everyday.
3) To help her get used to longer days before she starts school next year.
4) she is a social child and loves to play with other kids, so nursery is a great place for her to interact with other kids and learn as well.

I’ve just been to pick her up and she loved it ūüėÄ she played in home corner with the dolls, had outdoor play and got messy with playdough.


Time to wash her uniform for tomorrow, I think I’m going to have to buy some more uniform tops as her others are too small, I have a couple of skirts and a pinafore so that’s no problem.

Why I started blogging.

Recently I’ve been thinking about why I started my blog in the 1st place from what I remember I had a few reasons to begin with some of them being :-

  • As an outlet – I was on maternity leave and with a young baby I had some free time while she slept, I have a lot less free time now as I’m back in work and have a lively toddler but I love my blog.
  • To document our journey – I’m a first time mum and wanted a way to document all the things that I was doing, that we do as a family¬†and all the milestones that C reaches.
  • So family and friends could keep up to date – My family lives all over the country and I wanted them to have a way to keep up to date with how C was growing up. I have no idea if any of them actually read it but it’s there for them if they ever want to.

Another one of the main reasons to start this blog was to work on my English.
I am English, born and bred but I’ve always been rubbish at English. My spelling is atrocious and although my understanding of English is good, I’ve just never been one to have a way with words.¬†I remember at a parents evening in primary school one teacher in commented,
“I was only bad at English because I wanted to be”.
 That comment made the stubborn part of me kick in my heals and not even try which was probably the opposit of what she was intending.
¬†Maths and science have always been my thing I enjoy them and they really captured my interest, but learning the different between were, where and we’re just did not.¬†

I want to apply to go back to university to train as a Nurse and to do that I needed to try to improve my English, mostly my spelling and grammar but also the general written language.

Typing this blog over the past year has really helped in my understanding, making me thing about what I want to say or type before I do it.
My spelling has improved and I have a lot¬†fewer mistakes¬†flagged by the little red line, although the odd one still crops up, but that is mainly because¬†I’m trying to type too fast and get letters muddled up on the keyboard.

The one thing that this can’t help with though is my handwriting, that is truly awful, it always has been but I think that is just how I write, time to get over it as it likely won’t improve.

Although I have written a lot more in the past year I have read a lot less.  I have always loved to read, well except for English literature classes in school. I never understood being forced to read a book page by page and analysing it all as we went it was torture to me. 
The teacher asking our opinions on why the author chose a particular colour for someone’s dress,¬†was¬†it the colour¬†to represent to emotions that the character was feeling, or to show how a certain character was ment represent something or simply because the author liked the colour.
I could not understand the over analysis of a book.
A book is there to be read and enjoyed, read into it what you will, I simple want to read. 

Well that’s why I started typing, if your wondering where the name came from it is from our situation, We live with my parents and it was the 1st name that came to mind when I thought about starting the blog.
I also have to thank the person who ever suggested the idea of starting a blog, Daniella, one of the lovely mummies in a group that I’m luckily a part of. If she hadn’t suggested it then I wouldn’t have this outlet or collection of posts to look back on and remember.¬†

Thank you Daniella for all the guidance and help you gave me to start Having a baby and living at home.  

 Do you have a blog?
What or who inspired you to write?