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haberman cup review*

We were recently sent two cups for C to try out from Haberman. A cow print beaker which is 12 months+ and a 360° toddler cup which is for 18 months+.

wpid-imag0958.jpg wpid-imag0962.jpg

We started out trying the cow print beaker. It is a lovely size cup and very simple to use. It has has a leak proof drinking spout that has a one way valve. C loves it and can easily drink from it, and best for me is that she can’t tip the drink out.


I also love the 360° Sip cup but its 18+ and although i’ve given it to C a couple of times to try she hasn’t really gotten the hang of it yet. 
The design of the 360°  cup has a rubber ring that allows the toddler to sip from the cup but prevents leaks, It’s a brilliant idea and works really well as shown by the short video I took where I tipped it and turned it. You can see the video here on my youtube.


The lid on the 360°  cup is a little difficult to get on and off even for me, so there is no way a child could do it.  The capacity of both cups is 250mls, making them good sizes for toddlers to drink from over a meal or an afternoon out. 
The 360° sip cup comes in 3 different colours – blue, green and red.  
Both cups are also dishwasher safe on the top shelf and microwave safe without the lid on.

The RRP for the 360° sip cup is £5.95, and the RRP for the Cow beaker is £4.99.

I would recommend these cups to anyone with toddlers as they are brilliant, the leakproof designs mean that even if dropped or thrown you don’t have a huge clean up operation on your hands. 

 *Disclaimer – I was then these 2 cups free of charge for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own and are unbias*