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Planning for Bluestone

Our trip to Bluestone national park is just 8 days away and I have to say that I am very excited, but also nervous about the weather.

As we are in the UK It will probably be very cold but there will also be a risk of snow over the next week.
It is quite a long drive down to Pembrokeshire on mostly A roads, so I am really hoping that the roads will be clear because although I have been driving for over 8 years I still don’t feel very comfortable driving in ice and snow.

I have been sat writing (very long) lists of all we will need for our trip, and I have split it into 3 categories, Clothes, Food and Extra’s.


I am only going to write things that I think we will need to take for C on here as D and I should know what to pack by know and I always think I will miss something that a toddler will need.

Vests x 5
PJ’s x 2
Pants x 7
Tops x 7
Jacket (fleece/hoodie) x 2
Puddle suit
Boots x 2
socks x lots
Tights x 2
denim pinafore

Clothes wise is there anything else that I will need for a nearly 2 year old? 


As the holiday is self catered, D is a fussy eater and I am on Slimming World I am planning on taking food so that we can cook for ourselves. I know that we will be out doing activities, swimming and playing a lot of the time so will probably eat out a bit but to some on some money I am taking food. There isn’t a large supermarket close by so it’s easier to take things with us.

Coke zero
Tins- Beans/spaghetti/ emergency toddler faves
Frozen – turkey dinosaurs/curly fries – for D.
store cupboard – Oil/cooking spray, salt, stock cubes,

What other food would you take?


This is all  the other things that aren’t clothes but we will need,

Nappies and wipes
Plates/bowls/cutlery for C
Sippy cup/ bottle for C
Washing up things – Dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, brush, tea towel.
Entertainment – toys, DVD’s, Laptop etc
Toddler bedding

Anything else I’ve missed?

I really hope that this will all fit in our little Golf.

We aren’t taking a buggy/pram with us as I think that it will get little use as C likes to walk and it will save on space in the car, I will however be taking my MGG carrier just in case she gets tired.

All about Bluestone

If you don’t know about bluestone national park resort it is a holiday resort situated in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales. Close to Oakwood park theme park and about 20 minutes drive from Tenby.
Bluestone has self catered holiday lodges in varying sizes from little studios for 2 up, large connected lodges that sleep 8 and Bunkhouses that sleep 14 people!
We will be staying in a Ramsey “upside down living” lodge which sleep up to 4 people.
The Ramsey lodges have sleeping downstairs and a large open plan living area upstairs, so that you can take advantage of the spectacular views.

We have stayed in a Ramsey lodge on our last visit and I have to say the view was fantastic.
I can’t wait to tell you all about this trip!

My rough plan for 2014

This is just a list of things that I would like to do this year,

  • Apply to University and hopefully get a place
  • Save as much money as possible
    • Budget, make a spreadsheet and keep track of spending
  • Enter and win some competitions – I’d love to get £2014 worth of prizes but I doubt it will happen.
  • Get organised for Christmas earlier- Try and get bargains
  • Celebrate Baby C’s 1st birthday with our family and friends – hoping to have a cake smash!
  • Bake more cake and work on other things like bread and pastry
  • Work on my cake decorating skills and make Sarah’s wedding cake look beautiful.
  • Sell more on eBay and declutter.
  • Try to set aside some time for me and Dan, as well as have some family time.
  • Make more of an effort to see friends and family.
  • Spend less time on facebook/ the internet.
  • Blog everyday (sort of goes against the previous one doesnt it lol)
  • Spend more time outside.

This isn’t a list of resolutions its just an aim, I probably won’t do all these things this year, I’ll probably change my mind and think of different things that I want to do as well or instead of them. I just want to try and if I don’t try I wont achieve anything.

Planning a Christening

I never thought it would be too difficult to organise a christening but i can’t believe all the things that need doing

first i needed to arrange a date with the church, eventually settled on the 14th July, which doesnt give us alot of time to plan. It wouldnt be so bad if we had a small family, then we could just invite people back to the house, but with a list of family and close friends pushing 90 its a no…. so we needed to look for a function room.

Finding a function room at relatively short notice (shown by every place I contacted asking “you mean for this year?”) that will fit that many people, that is available, and that has disabled access…. not easy! But I eventually found one 😀 

Then there is the catering, the decorations, entertainment, the cake, Baby C’s dress and the invitations.

I’ve got photo’s of Baby C to put on the invites and have bought the cards to make the invites, just need to find the time to make them now and quickly as i need people to RSVP.

I contacted a caterer so as soon as I put a deposit down then that will be arranged ( just need to give them numbers a week before)

I need balloons for the tables but not sure what other decorations i’d need. Banners? pictures? I’m really not sure, I also need to figure out how many balloon clusters I need but I’m not sure how many tables there are.

Entertainment…. for a christening? is it needed? i’m not sure….. maybe a CD of some general music? might let OH sort that.

The cake! well OH’s mum is sorting it, she is paying the person who did a 21st cake for OH’s sister to make one and 100 cupcakes ( my diet is going out on the window on that day!)

The dress 😀 Well Baby C will be wearing the very dress I wore for my christening 24 years ago, I just need to clean a stain off it. 

I HOPE that is all I need to plan. If anyone can think of anything else please let me know!