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Flashback Fridays 23/01/15

This weeks photo is of me, when I was very young, It is actually my newborn hospital picture.
They came around and took pictures of the babies and decided waking me up was a good idea, It really wasn’t.
I still don’t like being woken up and mum says that I pull this face when I’m annoyed.

279568_10150768383540228_7355769_o (1)

Do you still pull faces you did when you were young?

Mummy 2 Monkeys

Flashback Fridays 16/01/15

IMAG0051This weeks photo was taken in Bluestone national park resort in November 2013, its not too long ago but it was C’s 1st little holiday.

Me, D and C will be returning to Bluestone in a little over a week and I have been thinking about it a lot recently and wonder how different this holiday will be to our last visit.

I’ll be writing all about our trip as well as tweeting and posting instagram pictures while we are there.

Mummy 2 Monkeys

Flashback fridays 09/01/15

This weeks photo was taken when me and a 6 friends from college when on holiday to Newquay, Cornwall in 2007.
It looks like a lovely day but don’t the shorts fool you, it was just before Easter and the water was freezing!

It was a great holiday with some lovely people, shame I haven’t seen any of them in a few years.


I’d love to go back to Newquay again sometime, We had a really great holiday there, but I still have no idea how 5 of us as well as our luggage managed to get there in my tiny Chevrolet Matiz.

Mummy 2 Monkeys

October photo a day challenge – day one

I have done a few photo a day challenges and have decided that I am going to do one again this month, I will do a photo a day that coincides with the newest #FMSphotoaday challenge.

Not everyone will be interested in these post but I am trying to find a way to get my blog mojo back and this will help me remember to post a little more.

Here is the order of the challenge, if you are doing it too please send me a link so I can drop in and say hi.


So here is day one as well!

Something colourful 

Ask me about something colourful and the 1 st thing that comes to my mind, and probably any parents mind is toys!
Nearly every toy C has is bright and colourful and so in your face it hurts sometimes, enjoy the colour!


photo a day – days 13/14/15

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much over the last couple of days, I’ve been ill as well as looking after the poorly Baby C. So I have put the last few photo a day posts into one.

Day 13- perfect

Baby C is perfect, well she is perfect to me. When she is sick, tired or grumpy,  or her usual happy smiley self, She is and always will be perfect.


Day 14- Heart

I <3 (heart) my family and friends. Here are a few photos of just a few of them, I couldn’t choose just one photo for today. I love each and every one of my family and friend whether they are real life friends or internet friends.

226542_19324796144_7843_nIMAG0243 IMAG0321 IMAG0347DSC_0201892514_10151371281138458_1637831403_o


Day 15- My drink of choice

I’ve said it a couple of times now. I am a coffee addict. My parents got me this when they went to Costco last week, Huge Douwe Egberts!


Photo a day - Day 10

Todays given word was “I am” well Hello My name is Ellie and I am…a coffee addict. I admit it but I think coffee is a parents best friend.
Coffee has always been my weakness, so much when I gave it up for lent one year I got withdrawal symptoms, headache, shakes etc.

Photo a day- day 8


Photo a day- day 8- water
My original plan for today was to take my camera and go to the waterfront and take a lovely picture.
Well the camera stopped working, it rained then Baby C got sick. So today’s water pic is just a cute bath shot from earlier this week.
Plans change so we have to adapt and move on.
So back to the sick child I go. Good night x