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Just hours and counting! – WDW 2016

Well the toddler and my parents are all in bed.
I on the other had am sat up worrying, this is what I’m like before I go, I always panic that I haven’t remembered something important.
So I think we’re packed.

All together we have…
1 car seat
1 buggy
1 toddler snack bag
2 autograph books ( mine and C’s)
2 laptops
3 tablets ( one toddler one)
4 passports
4 hand luggage bags
5 cases
and what feels like hundreds of clothes items
for just…
3 adults and a toddler .

I have no idea how to pack light, and I have no idea how we are going to get through MCO with all that…up an escalator!

They are all under weight at least 😀


 I should really go to bed now since I didn’t go to sleep until after 4 am last night. We had a call at 11.30 last night to say my nan had been taken into hospital with a suspected stroke. She had a TIA ( mini stroke) and is fine now but it was a bit of a worry, today has been stressful but I just cant sleep.

I don’t know if its excitement or nerves but I have to be up in 5 and a half hours at the latest.

My next update will be from Florida

3 days and counting! – WDW 2016

Only 3 more sleeps and we are getting very excited, but still have too much to do!

The house needs a good clean, and although I have piles of clothes ready to go into cases as Tom is in the middle of flooring the loft I haven’t been able to reach the cases to get  them out yet.

It’s Saturday night, C is in bed sleeping, Tom is in his friends ( even though he was ment to be helping me get the cases out!) and my parents are in Wales celebrating my nan’s 80th birthday, I should be doing something productive to get us ready to fly out but I cant seem to get the energy or motivation to do it, I’m blaming two training sessions in 2 days for the lack of energy.
Maybe a cup of coffee will give the the energy to do it.


I have sorted out some more of the scrapbook for our upcoming trip, I’ll take it with us as it doubles as an autograph book.
I’ve decorated the outside,

marked out sections

Washi tape is great for page tabs to mark where sections begin
and added some things to certain pages, princess stickers, world showcase land stickers, etc.


I hope that I manage to finish this scrapbook as I was rubbish at it last time and didn’t complete it. So watch this space!

Have you ever made a scrapbook for a Disney holiday?

The cases are out!

Well 2 of the 3 cases we need are now down from the loft and I have piles of clothes ready to put in them.
I have been making a list of them as I pack so I can compare it to my list of things to pack and make sure I have everything.

As soon as they were open C decided that she should get in 😀


I am one of those people that find a list both essential and stressful. I started writing my list for holidays about 10 weeks ago and added to and amended it regularly.
As I have never travelled with a toddler I’m not exactly sure what I need, for our last holiday when she was a baby I had an entire car worth of things, half of which we didn’t even need.

I think the thing I’m struggling most with is that we have limited luggage, although its still a lot at 69 kg of hold luggage between the 3 of us. I don’t know what is best to pack or just buy there.

I have researched as much as possible but I just don’t feel ready still, I don’t think I will even when we leave for the airport. I will check we have everything about 10 times before we leave, and even when I know that they are in a certain bag or pocket I will keep checking, just to make sure.

I don’t doubt that we will forget something, but we’re we are going has plenty of shops so I’m not too worried, as long as we have money, cards, ticket and passports we will be fine, although I would prefer to have all the useful things that I will hopefully be filling our cases with.

Is there anything that you found you just didn’t need?
What is the one thing that you wish you would have packed?

Toddler Hand luggage- C’s trunki

I bought C a Trunki to use as her hand luggage for our holiday.
I decided on a trunki for a few of reasons

  • They are on 4 wheels and can be used as a ride on for tired little legs on the long journey through the airport.
  • They are sturdy.
  • They come in various colours and designs.
  • There are add on accessories, such as bags that clip into the seat pockets.
  • They are just so cute!

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1 week and counting!

It’s now only one week until we head of to the happiest place on earth.

This last week hasn’t been the best one, My dad has developed a tooth abscess and my mums stomach complaint is back.
Which means that she is basically bed bound and unable to eat or drink very much, whenever it happens she is usually ill for a few weeks.
I really hope that she gets better quickly this time as I don’t want her to have a bad holiday.

It also means that I will have a lot more to do this week, preparing, ironing and packing for everyone. While looking after C, going to work and trying to keep on top of the housework.

I have managed to print off all the paperwork we need to take but still have to sort out

  1. ESTA’s- this needs to be done and paid for online at least 3 days before we go.
  2. Travel insurance – I have been looking but haven’t bought any yet. I got paid on Friday so will have to do it asap.
  3. Get the currency- We are planning on taking cash with us so we need to get it converted.
  4. Get the cases out – Well not on my to do list but I will need to get my dad and D to get them out.
  5. Packing!- I will probably end up packing for everyone now as mum isn’t well so I need to start that ASAP!
  6. Shopping- I need to buy last minute things, make sure there is dog food and things in for the sitters.
  7. Paperwork – I need a print out of all the paperwork to take, I have most but not all of it.
  8. Babysitter – I need to find someone who is able to look after C on Thursday morning as I am ment to be in work and D is in work. Mum usually has her but isn’t well enough, Please pray I find someone to babysit for a few hours.
  9. Set up the virgin box to record programs – there are a few programs that we will need to record while we are away GBBO, Downton etc.

My list of things to do only seems to get longer and longer, so I will be needing help from anyone who is well enough to do it
(Dad and Dan this means you!)