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Back to nursery

We arrived back from holiday yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to blog while away as I had no real internet connection on my laptop or tablet but I did post some pictures on our Instagram and facebook pages, hopefully I will get some time to write about our break this week as C is back in nursery.

Today was C’s 1st day back into nursery so of course that means the obligatory 1st day photo ūüėÄ
I personally love these photo’s and love to look back at the ones my parents took on our 1st days of school.

So here it is C’s 1st day of Preschool ( nursery) 2016



Front door


Today was her first full day in nursery as last year she only did mornings, I chose to send her for 2 full days and one half day this year for a couple of reasons.
1) I am going back to be a student so will be in uni or on placement most of every week.
2) As a form of childcare because it would be too much for my mum to have her everyday.
3) To help her get used to longer days before she starts school next year.
4) she is a social child and loves to play with other kids, so nursery is a great place for her to interact with other kids and learn as well.

I’ve just been to pick her up and she loved it ūüėÄ she played in home corner with the dolls, had outdoor play and got messy with playdough.


Time to wash her uniform for tomorrow, I think I’m going to have to buy some more uniform tops as her others are too small, I have a couple of skirts and a pinafore so that’s no problem.

On the first day of parenting….surviving without Nursery

This year I have joined in¬†with¬†the #12daysofparenting¬†christmas blog hop so will hopefully be posting something Christmas and parenting related everyday as well as posting links to competitions and sponsors. I’ll also be linking up with other bloggers so why not take a look at their posts as well.
If you have come over from Suburban mum’s blog post , thank you ūüėÄ wasn’t her post interesting, if not head on over and take a look!

So here we go, day one!
On the first day of parenting….surviving without Nursery.
(If you’re anything like me you have probably just sang that in your head ūüėÄ ) Continue reading

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 7

Day 7

A pathway


This path is the one I used to walk to school and now its the one we take to C’s nursery on a Monday. We can only walk to nursery on a Monday ( at least it will increase my exercise) I work on the other days so will drive and drop her off on the way.

Although my mum will be walking that way to pick her up, mum really doesn’t like that walk up to school, she says its “Dreary and depressing”. There is another way back home that is slightly longer that goes through the local park that I think she might use if it isn’t too wet or muddy.

Nursery – settling in session

Today was C’s first day of nursery so we are up early, she didn’t want to get out of bed at 1st but after I reminded her that she was going to nursery she was bouncing and rearing to go.
She was up, dressed, teeth brushed and I even¬†managed to convince her to have some food. Grandad J asked her to pose for some pictures and I snapped a couple as well but she didn’t want to stay very still for them.¬†She had her coat on and wanted to go by 7.45am¬†but her session didn’t start¬†till 8.15 am.

wpid-imag4844.jpg wpid-imag4840.jpg

Once we left the house I got the obligatory outside the front door picture, I plan on doing it on the 1st day of school every year.


I took her and stayed with her for the hour as it was the first of her settling in sessions. We arrived on time and before her coat was even off she was off and wanting to paint.

She went and didn’t look back, no tears or reassurance needed, I’m sure¬†she would have happily stayed for the full session on her own.

I finished sorting the forms out and got her uniform tops, which are a little big but she will grow into them.

She loved it, painting, playing in the house, playing with the other kids, getting out the musical instruments and playing with play dough.

They were just settling them down for circle time when it was time for us to leave, and she really didn’t want to go.

She will go back next week, and I know that she will love it there.

Preparing for nursery.

C will be starting nursery in just 2 short weeks and she is so excited, every time we pass she says ” That’s my school”. I know that she will have an amazing time there and hope that she will make¬†some life long ¬†friends like I did.

She will be going to the nursery that I went to when I was little and hopefully will also attend my primary school once she is old enough.

Her starting nursery 3 mornings a week will also mean a change to the nights that she stays at Dan’s, currently she goes on a wed and comes home on Fridays but she will be in nursery on Thursdays and he lives to far away to get her there in the morning with no transport.

I chose mornings on days¬†I work, as Dan’s shifts can change,¬†so it’s easier on my mum as she is our main form of childcare. It means that I can drop her off at nursery and mum has a few hours to herself before she picks her up. It also means that it doesn’t affect her seeing her nana Gill on a Wednesday afternoon.

The nursery have a uniform top in the same colours as the school, but as a first time parent I am trying to figure out what to get for her bottom half. She is skinny so joggers usually fall down, at home she lives in dresses, shorts or adjustable waist jeans ( and thank god for them!)

I’m going to have to try and find leggings that are long and warm enough but don’t fall down, so if anyone knows of any please let me know!

I¬†did manage¬†to get her a pair of school shoes in Asda yesterday while shopping, little black size 7 shoes with flowers on, she loved them although I’m not sure how long they will stay nice. I also bought some white frilly socks and some tights in the sale so once the weather gets cooler she will have warm tights to wear, even if they might clash with her top.

It feels like she is becoming so grown up and I know that it won’t be long until she is full time in school. I want to enjoy the next 2 weeks getting her ready and having a little fun.