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May- Our month ahead

Seriously I can’t believe that it’s May already.
It feels like only a couple of weeks ago I was on holiday in sunny Florida but that was all the way back in January.

May looks to be a busy month for us, we have some exciting things happening.

New York

In just a few days I’ll be jetting off to New York with Danii for a fabulous girls holiday.
With so many things to see and do, I’ll probably need a holiday when I come home. Luckily I get home on a Tuesday morning. I will be able to pick C up from nursery and see her for a few house before she goes to stay at her dad’s that night (she doesn’t every Tue and Thu night), so I can get a decent nights sleep to recover.

The playhouse!

On Friday 13th ( yep, May has a Friday the 13th…unlucky or not?) C’s playhouse should be arriving. I really hope that it arrives in the morning, so it will be all set up for her coming home.
She is so excited about it coming and askes every morning ” Is my house here yet?”

We went to B&Q the other day to get top soil for sorting the garden and had a look at the paint for her house. She wanted yellow and pink so we bought Valspar paint samples in Dog rose and sun sparkles.


The main walls will be yellow and the door pink, I also need to get white for the trim and window.
Her house is going to look so cute, we are going to put her kitchen into there ( in the background on the picture) so all the colours will match.
I’ve also ordered a little picnic bench for her “patio”. My brother went a little OTT when making the foundation for her house so the simple “little” playhouse that we had planned is now a 7 foot by 6 foot house with a patio, white picket fence and picnic bench.

Yes some might say that my little miss is a little bit spoilt but she as is only tiny for a the shortest time I will spoilt her, she is my only baby so I will.

C’s new pen pal

When I was 5 I got a pen pal in Florida, USA. We wrote to each other, sent letter, parcels and videos, we even got to meet a couple of times and stayed in there house for a coupe of days on one of our first holidays in Florida. I loved talking to Andrea and it helped to teach me about different cultures as well.

I saw an offshoot page from a group I’m in on facebook and just knew that I needed to sign C up. It’s a page for people to get pen pals for their kids. I know that C is only 3 but she loves to get post and open things so I have signed her up and arranged for her to have a pen pal.

Until she learns to read and write she can send drawing and I can help her with the reading of anything. I think that it will really encourage her to learn more, she will try to write the letters in her name and things already. I believe that it’s never to early to encourage children to learn to read and write.

I’ll update you when we send and receive our 1st letters ( drawings)

Important events

Mum’s birthday is later this month so we will need to get some presents and arrange something very nice for her as she does so much for us.

Less that 3 weeks till NYC

It’s only 20 days till Danii and I will be jetting off to the city that never sleeps.

I have to say that I am starting to get a little excited even if little miss C told me today that she doesn’t want me to go away on an airplane.
I know that she will be safe with my parents, her dad and his parents while i’m off on my “tot free travels”, this is a holiday that my best friend and I have been planning for years and are finally in a position to take before we both start off on courses were we will have no free time.

I am a planner and worrier when it comes to travel. I check my bag about 4 times before I leave the house to make sure that I have everything we need, passports, information, tickets etc.

I like to know what we are doing on what day and have a rough itinerary.
This holiday will be amazing, we have bought the 3 day New york pass which will let us get into a variety of top attractions, such as top of the rock, the empire state building and Madame Tussaud as well as using the bus tours for 48 hours.

I’ve been looking at trip adviser for the hotel we are staying in and there are a few mixed reviews so i’m hoping that it is a good one, anyone ever stayed at the Hudson in New York?

What is your New York City must do for two young ladies?
Any good bar suggestions or must visit restaurants?

New York, New York…here we come!

So a few years ago my best friend Danii and I planned to go on holiday in New York City, We looked at flights and hotels, we talked about what what attractions we would visit.
I then found out I was pregnant so he plans got put on hold.

Finally nearly 4 years after we first talked about going on a girls adventure in NYC we are booked and going!
In less than 9 weeks time!

It’s all been talked bout and booked really quickly, we were actually meant to be going on a holiday in south wales, but it seemed to be stalled and no plans were being made. So we though about looking to go to New York.

We had a look online Thursday night and said we would have a proper look this weekend, but today mum wanted to visit Laura Ashley in Speke so I nipped into the Thomson shop next door.

I nipped in and just asked about any deals for early May, One of the lovely ladies working in there called Lisa took my details and had a look for me.
She found a fab deal going on the 5th May for 4 nights flying direct to JFK airport.

It was just too good to be true cost wise so I called Danii to check and we booked it there and then!

So its official in less than 9 weeks time we will be jetting off on a toddler free, long awaited girls only holiday.

So any suggestions of must do’s in NYC?
Hints and tips you can give us?