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#MySundayPhoto – 06/09/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken yesterday on our walk in the park.


Autumn begins!
The conkers are already beginning to fall and the leaves are turning golden and red.
I can’t wait for Autumn this year as C will really enjoy it, crisp leaves to jump in, conker hunting and muddy puddles to jump in.

I must get her some new wellies as her size 6’s are getting a little tight, and find mine too.

#MySundayPhoto – 26/07/15

This week was my grandparents Diamond wedding anniversary!
They have been together for an amazing 60 years.
Here they are on their wedding day in July 1955 and again yesterday July 2015.

I love them so much and we are very lucky to have two such amazing and lovely people who love us.

We had a little family party yesterday in their flat and I made them a cake, here are a few pictures of it, I’ll write a post with the recipe and step by step guide very soon for anyone who wants a go.

 wpid-imag4546.jpg wpid-imag4543.jpg

#MySundayPhoto – 08/02/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto and 39/365 is this lovely picture of C in her new Everton training top.

I attended the Everton v Liverpool derby last night and as we arrived early Danii and I went into the Everton shop for a little look around.
I saw this top and thought that it would be prefect for my little Evertonian.


Please excuse the background as the wallpaper is being stripped to be redecorated, she also has a mouth full of white chocolate buttons, but she loves her new top and didn’t want to take it off.

Now I know that her Dad and his family are all reds so ultimately it will be C’s choice what team she supports be it Everton, Liverpool, or someone else.
Everton is my team, My initials are even EFC, so I hope she follows in my footsteps and supports the blue boys!

#MySundayPhoto – 25/01/15


Sorry that My Sunday photo and also my 25/365 photo was late, I’ve had a busy few days and also a sick toddler to top it all off. This photo is C with Samantha, Samantha was my Auntie Ann’s doll from when she was a child. She gave her to me when I was little and I have passed her on to C. Samantha is over 40 years old and is surprisingly well kept only missing some eyelashes.


#MySundayPhoto – 18/01/15

This weeks My Sunday Photo and 18/365 is this …
It was taken at Baby ballet, you can expect a few of these over the coming months as little ballet dancers are just the cutest.
I just love the relaxed pose with the pointy toe, she was listening to Miss Amy telling them what we would be doing next.
She is wearing her new Leotard and headband (£6) and skirt (£6.50) from the Tu clothing range from Sainsburys.
I have also got her ballet shoes (£6 I think) from there but they start at a size 6 so her feet are too tiny for them yet.

#MySundayPhoto – 11/01/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto and also my 11/365 is this lovely picture!
Okay I know it’s not much to look at but let me explain,I have been ill for the last few days with a bug which has ment that bland plain food was all I could stomach. So tonight after being symptom free and not feeling sick for 12 hours I went for tea at Nando’s with my friend Danii. It was her birthday last week but she was ill so we were ment to go out last night to celebrate and I was ill.
Sods law really!
I had chicken thighs medium spiced with rice and chips, followed by white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake (bonus picture of this at the end just for you lovely people)
Omg it was lovely!
I really really enjoyed it!

#MySundayPhoto – 04/01/15

Here is todays #MySundayPhoto which is photo 4/365 as well
This was taken last night when I was putting C to bed. (please excuse the mess she will be moving to a larger room soon)
Usually the dogs don’t come upstairs as we have a gate, but it must have been left open and Freddie had snook up, when I took C into her room to settle her into her cot, he poked his head around the door to sneek a look.
C then waved at him so he came over to say night and when I asked her to lay down in her cot he lay on the rug and got comfy.
If I’d have let him I’m sure he would have happily stayed there to keep his C company, but I silently signalled and he followed me back downstairs.
C absolutely adores out dogs and although they look sometimes as if to say “please take her away/ stop her” usually its when she is hugging them or terrorising them. We tell her not to as I know you can never trust dogs 100% and we never leave her alone with them.
She really does love  them though.

28/12/14 – #MySundayPhoto

I have changed from Silent Sunday photo’s to my Sunday photo’s as I always wanted to write something with the picture, to help set the scene or just explain but the silent part took that away from me.
I say the my Sunday photo hashtag on one dad 3 girls and knew that it was more me than silent sunday, I’m not very good at being silent.
Here is my 1st MySundayPhoto.
It was taken on boxing day evening while we were at a family party in Liverpool, it had been snowing for a few hours and of course the big kids ( aka my boyfriend and his twenty something cousin) decided to go out and play in the snow, they younger cousins followed as did C.
I love this picture, it captures youth and frivolity and what Christmas time should be like.
This was C’s 1st time playing in snow, she didn’t like touching it but loved being out and having fun with everyone.