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WDW 2016 – Travel day EPCOT (part 2)

We left the hotel at about 6 and walked to get the bus from the south depot to EPCOT.

Port Orleans is located in the Disney springs area of Disney, next to the Epcot resort area so it only takes about 10 minutes to get to and from the park on the Disney transport buses.

When we arrived in Epcot we tried to wake C up as we wanted her to see Disney since she was so excited to arrive on holiday but she was flat-out, and refused to wake up.
As is our tradition we went straight onto spaceship earth before going for a walk around the world showcase.
2016-01-26 19.14.26

We had a meal booked in Mexico’s La Hacienda de san angel for 8.30pm, so wandered through Mexico,  Norway, China and Germany, looking in the shops. We arrived back in Mexico about 8.15pm and book in at the restaurant, as C was asleep they allowed us to take the buggy to the table, usually buggy’s are parked outside.

We were seated very quickly for the meal, drink ordered taken and corn chips brought over for while we waited. We had a good look at the menu, both dad and I ordered the taquiza, which is a sample platter of 4 different tacos whilst Mum ordered the tacos de camarones (shrimp tacos).

2016-01-26 20.39.39 2016-01-26 20.39.35

There was also refried beans and rice on the table to share, it was lovely, I wasn’t a fan of the fish taco but loved the pork one.

We ordered dessert, dad for the chocolate mousse, mum ordered the puff pastry apple turnover whilst I went for the caramel flan, I didn’t like mine the texture was strange so mum being the lovely person she is swapped with me ( Aren’t mum’s great 😀 )  The fireworks were on during dessert and we had a great view from our table.

2016-01-26 21.00.13

We are on the Disney dining plan (DDP) so our meal included a drink, main and dessert for 1 credit each ( tips and alcohol not included)
I think the DDP is a great investment as it is paid off after only a few meals. If we didn’t have the plan the meal would have come to about $110 plus an 18-20% tip, as it was we just paid for the beer and left a tip.

After our meal we strolled back to the bus stop to go back to the hotel. We went to the shop on the way back and got some milk and picked up our refillable cups and arrived back at our room about 10.30 pm.

We went straight to bed then as we had been up since 6 am UK time and it was then about 4am UK time! a 22 hour day is enough for anyone but I find going out and getting used to local time seems to help prevent any jet lag.

I’m wearing a fitbit band as well on our holiday so i’ll try and include a step count for each day

not too bad considering a lot of the day was on a plane

not too bad considering a lot of the day was on a plane

Thank you for reading, I’m going to try to update at least once a day but I have 2 days to write. If I get a chance I’ll type them and get them up sooner.