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Life got in the way…so here is October

I’m sorry that I’ve taken such a long gap in writing but life and uni have well and truly take over.
I don’t seem to have a spare second to think at the moment with lectures, assignments, clinical skills labs and exams to study for, on top of looking after C.

My parents were away on holiday for most of October so I didn’t have the support I usually do from them meaning I had even less time, although she did go to stay at her dad’s for half term week meaning I could concentrate on uni work a little more.

C has been amazing through all the recent change of me starting uni as well her days in nursery going up to two full days and one morning. I cant believe how grown up she is now.

so I should catch you up on what we have been up to over the last month or so.

 October started with me and my best friend Danii hopping in the car one Friday evening and travelling to London to see the Happy potter and the cursed child play on the Saturday!

if you get a chance you need to see it, #keepthesecret
We had booked the tickets nearly a year before so had been waiting a long time for it.

In the middle of October Sam and I took C to crazy golf for the 1st time, she wasn’t overly impressed and I think it was a bit much for her at only 3 and 3/4, but I got some cute videos of her trying to hit the ball.

Then we started to get ready for Halloween 😀
We painted paper plates to make pumpkins for the windows. C loves to paint so it was a great activity and kept her entertained for a little while.
wpid-wp-1478893940755.jpg wpid-wp-1478893804068.jpg

C and I went pumpkin picking to church hall farm not too far from Liverpool. I was a cold but lovely day and I got some of my favourite pictures of C this year, her playing in the hay and jumping about having fun.
We got 4 lovely pumpkins to carve ( 3 for home and one for her dad’s house)
C rode on a donkey, and had loads of fun running on the bales of hay.
wpid-wp-1478894203471.jpg wpid-wp-1478894203459.jpgwpid-wp-1478894072490.jpg


I love this picture :D

I love this picture :D

Afterwards we went to MacDonald’s for tea and C had a lovely rainbow painted on her face.


C has started swimming lessons and already achieved her duckling award 1 😀 she loves swimming, and is already trying to do it alone ( she’s not quite there yet thought)

We carved our pumpkins for Halloween

and decorated outside the house, making a “crime scene” using chalk

Then on Halloween C got to wear her costume to nursery before trick or treating in the evening, she chose to be a pirate this year. She loved trick or treating, running to the houses on her own ( while me and danii waited at the end of the path) saying ” trick or treat” and ” happy Halloween”

She got so many sweets that she doesn’t need to buy more till next year!

Oh and in big news after waiting over 3 years I FINALLY have a new bed, It’s a king size ottoman style so plenty of accessible storage and is so comfy 😀

October was a fun month!!!

My parents returned from holiday at the start of November and I have been busy with lectures and writing assignments that are due this month, one 3500 word essay as well as a 1500 word annotated bibliography, both due on the 25th November.

I promise to update more as I am mainly keeping this as an online diary so C can see what she did and liked when she was younger, and so family can see what we have been up too.


Holiday planning again

I have a couple of holidays in the next 6 months that are being planning, both family friendly as well as toddler free time.


In October I am going away for the weekend with just my best friend for a girls weekend in London.
We are going to watch a show, shop and explore the big city.
We went last month, it was my 1st time being away from C and although I missed her I enjoyed being able to just do what I wanted for a few days while knowing that she was safe and happy. It was so last minute, as it was actually my mum and Auntie Ann’s weekend break but they gave us the chance to go as my grandparents were ill, so we didn’t get a chance to really plan what we wanted to do, although I must say we did fit in a lot! Continue reading

Back to work tomorrow.

Just a quick post to say that I am back to work tomorrow and on a long day 8.30am till 7pm, after spending the last 3 and a half weeks off on sick leave recovering for surgery.
I’m excited to go back but I will miss C as I have been able to spend quality time with her while I’ve been off.
This will also mean that I will hopefully get back to blogging, I tend to be able to blog more when I’m working as strange as it seems. When I’m at home I have an active 2 year old, a dog and a million things to do. When i’m in work, although I do have jobs to do, I also get breaks and free time between booking in patients, helping the doctors and faxing over forms to be able to research posts, write notes and type posts.

I haven’t really felt like blogging while I’ve been on sick leave and with everything that has happened in our family. Two of my grandparents where hospitalized, at separate times but both are thankfully now home and recovering. My mum and Auntie Ann were meant to go to London on the 19th but didn’t want to go as My grandad was in hospital, they insisted that I went on the weekend away with my best friend as I needed to get away and enjoy myself after the surgery and break up. They had paid for it (Hotel, 1st class return train tickets, show tickets) and didn’t want it to go to waste, I will write about that weekend sometime this week and share some pictures of our fab weekend.

I’ll say bye for now as I really should get some sleep

Looking to the future.

After my post yesterday I think it’s time to write a few things that I am planning to do this year to make it a little happier, hopefully nothing happens to mess up my plans.

  • I am still signed up to do the 10k race for life in Liverpool on the 5th July, I certainly won’t be running but i’m determined to walk and finish it. I could do with some more sponsors if you think that you would like to sponsor me then just log onto my just giving page to donate that way or see/speak to me about filling in a sponsorship form.
  • I am looking to do some volunteer work in a hospital to give me some more experience and give me something else to add to my Uni application.
  • I am going to reapply to Uni to do a nursing degree, I did apply a few years ago before I had Charlotte but I wasnt luck enough to get a place, then I had my beautiful little girl.
  • I am going to look at a nursery for C, She doesnt get any free funding until Easter term next year but I’d like to find a nice nursery for her to go to.
  • Danielle and I are going to London in October for the weekend, I really hope this doesn’t get cancelled as whenever we plan a holiday something happens!
  • I think I will do the lotto and enter some competitions because after all the bad luck that we have had this year some good luck should be on its way to us!

Fingers crossed that its all blue skies and rainbows for the rest of the year, I’ve had enough of grey skies and rain.

Wish me luck!