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Our day at the Ultimate Christmas fair Liverpool

Liverpool is a great and vibrant city, the new exhibition centre near to the Albert dock is a great venue which hosts a variety of concerts and shows.
This weekend it is home to The Ultimate Christmas Fair  and mum and I were lucky enough to be invited along to see it for ourselves.

We arrived not long after it opened, It has lovely decorations and had a stroll around having a look at everything, while listening to live Christmas music.

There is a great selection of fashion, gifts, as well as food and drink. It took us a good couple of hours to look around properly, chat to the stall holders, try some of the products and see what there was on offer. Continue reading

Merseyside derby day!

Today is the Merseyside Derby day
Everton V Liverpool
1.30pm kick off at Goodison!

We have a little rivalry at the moment over who C will support. ( The poor toddler hears conflicting views all the time)
Her dad and his family are Reds whereas all my family are Blues.
So she doesn’t have it very easy on Derby days, with the family spilt.
Continue reading

Breakout Liverpool

Have you ever wanted to be a spy?
Watched 24 when he only has an hour to stop something happening?
Watched a film where they have to stop the bomb going off?

Did you think, I could do that, It didn’t look so hard.

Well yesterday I got to have a real experience of that excitement and pressure at Breakout Liverpool, 3 friends and I went into Liverpool city centre to be locking in a room.


It sounds strange that we were choosing to be locked in a room but it was very fun.
We arrived and out mission was explained to us, we were entering the sabotage room and we had one hour to look for clues and solve problems to stop a missile from being sent to blow up Liverpool.
We were also told that they would be watching us to make sure we were ok ( and laugh at us if we did anything funny), and that we would be given clues on the screen if they thought we needed them (which we did), and that the door that we first entered through wouldn’t be locked in case we needed to get out but that wouldn’t count as an escape.
He also mentioned that only about 20% of people have managed to escape in the hour, so no pressure right?

We were then shown to our room, the door closed and the clock started. One whole hour to solve clues and unlock the door to get out, simple right? Well I’m not going to tell you any of the clues or what we did but I can tell you it was difficult.
We searched for clues, wrote notes and found keys.


We managed to get into the second room after about 20 minutes, where the clues got more difficult and the pressure built as the time slowly at first ticked by, I checked the clock 30 minutes left, worked on clues then looked again 20 minutes to go.

The time seemed to go quicker and quicker and we just couldn’t get into the computer, we eventually did and then we needed the code to stop the missile launch, and it didn’t work! it took ages but we eventually did it! then we had to escape with 2 minutes to go, only 2 minutes to get the keys to get out.

Well we made it… just ….


Do you think you can beat our time?

It was a really fun experience, and I really want to go back to try out classified and the newest room shipwreck which doesn’t open until Saturday!

Don’t just take my word for it here is what Dan and Danielle thought about Breakout Liverpool 

Danielle – “Had an awesome time last night at Breakout Liverpool. It was good to do something different rather than the usual cinema, food or drinks etc. I would totally recommend this to anyone!”

Dan – ”The Breakout Liverpool, One Hell of a Stressful but also really entertaining Hours you will ever spend. The object to breakout of a room may seem simple but when combined with Puzzles, Clues, Riddles.. its a lot more difficult. I won’t give anything away but I would recommend Working as a team as it really does help”


The prices of the rooms vary depending on when you go and how many people you take, they say that you can have 2-5 people per room but 3-4 is perfect.
The sabotage room on off peak ( Monday 10 am – Friday 5 pm is off peak) would cost £56 for 4 people or £14 each,
Peak time (Friday 5 pm – Sunday 10 pm) is slightly more expensive at £60 or £15 each for 4 people.

The prices are all on their website on the booking page when you select your room, time and number of people.


Breakout Liverpool is located at 7-11 Sir Thomas street in Liverpool city centre, It’s really easy to find you just go past the Liverpool direct office and look out for the LARGE Breakout Liverpool sign on the right when walking with the MET quarter on your left, it is located in the basement which adds to the mystery and fun in my opinion.
We parked in Queens square car park and it took us about a 3-4 minute walk there, but it has great bus and train links too.

Who is it for?

I think Breakout Liverpool is a perfect day out for families with older children (8+), groups of friends, Team building, or stag/hen do’s.
It’s fun but you really need to work together, communicate and think, it would make a good location for birthday parties for  young teens as well.


*Disclaimer – We were given the use of the room for free to write about our experience,  all opinions are my own or my friends and they are unbiased and honest*

£1 homes in Liverpool

A couple of weeks ago in work I saw an online newspaper article about the 1st of the £1 homes that has finally been finished, Showing of the finished result of over 18 months work and it looks very good.
I had heard mentioned a year or so ago about the £1 homes for sale in Liverpool but didn’t think much of it, but know I think about it what an  amazing project it would have been if you had  been given the opportunity and had the money to do it.

Imagine getting a house for £1 that was a bare bones, a complete blank canvas for you to create the home of your dreams, and for a fraction of the cost that houses are currently on the market for.
Okay so the area’s that these houses where in weren’t the best but that was the whole point of the project, to regenerate derelict streets to stop them becoming worse, to get first time buyers onto the property ladder and to get families back living in those houses that were being left to just rotting away.

To create communities again and bring back the spirit that has been lost.
I hate driving past streets of boarded up houses when you think of all those who would just love to be able to have a home of their own.

It’s difficult for young people now to get on the property ladder, and owning your own home isn’t a goal that many will be able to achieve in the near future.

I love living here with my parents and know that I am very lucky to have them and for them to let us live here with them, but I hope one day ( sooner rather than later, and I’m sure they do too) to be able to have a home to call my own.

Projects like this that have been trailed in Liverpool as well as in Stoke, and although they have had issues with insurance they have meant more people having a home of their own without they HUGE debts that come with them, as well as fewer homes for the councils to have up-keep of or for them to have to demolish.

If this scheme was ever run again in Liverpool then I would definitely apply.
Just tell me where to sign up.
How fun would that be to write about and document! To see a house go from wrack and ruin, bare bones to a comfortable family home.

I doubt I will get the opportunity to ever do it, but its a nice thought.


No nappy help in Liverpool

Tonight I have been sat in the living room after I have got the baby to sleep and after everyone else in the house has gone to bed, Even though I know that I need to be up early tomorrow to take my car for an MOT and service. I have been sat up without the TV or radio on, just listening to the monitor and sorting out nappies, and Thinking. 

Yes I am one of those mums, the ones who use CLOTH nappies, I also use a sling (I have 2 slings as well as 2 prams)  so I must be an attachment parent. Im not an attachment parent or at least I don’t consider myself one, I am just a mother who uses what I feel is the best for my family, a sling is convenient just like using cloth nappies is. 

Well I try to use cloth nappies at least, I try to keep on top of washing and sorting them all out. After being lucky enough to be sent a huge pile to try I might as well use them. They are better for the environment, better for my pocket, and in a household with 5 adults, 1 baby and 2 dogs where our rubbish bin collection is every TWO weeks and we only have one bin it can mean no overflowing rubbish after only a few days.

I am very lucky, I always wanted to try cloth nappies, not only was it completely daunting looking at all the different types of nappies and accessories, all in ones (AIO), pockets, two part systems, fleece liners, disposable liners or no liners at all. The initial outlay in cost that we would have needed to spend meant that It wasn’t likely that we would have been able to go over to cloth full-time if it wasnt for the very lovely people at the Nursery trader selecting me for testing reusables (you can read my review here), we would still be using disposables and wouldn’t know the ease and variety of cloth nappies.

When you say cloth nappies to people they still picture terry nappies and safety pins like this,


But cloth nappies have come a long way, they now have poppers or velcro fastenings, no more safety pins, and come in so many patterns and colours you can’t help but want them all. They really are as easy as using disposables, just with a little bit of machine washing thrown in, and how hard is it to put a load of washing in the machine and switch it on?  


I have spent some of this evening on a local facebook page set-up to allow parents in Liverpool the chance to save money. They say it themselves.

“We are here to help people lend, borrow, swap and donate pre-loved baby items to other members of **********. We are not a buying and selling group.” (I have taken out the name as it is a closed group)

They are there to allow people to share, not only items but also information and knowledge. To allow people who need things to take and those who have to give. We have had a lovely discussion about cloth nappies this evening and are all disappointed with Liverpool’s lack of an established Cloth nappy library, although one lovely mama is trying to set one up, I have offered to loan out some of my nappies for other mummies to try. It will help them to work out what works for them without them having to buy them. 

I cannot believe in a city as big as Liverpool with 2 football teams, 2 cathedrals, an airport, major rail and road networks, which comes 5th in the List of most populous built-up areas in England and Wales, doesn’t have a nappy library or even an Incentive scheme to encourage parents to try cloth nappies. There is no funding in Liverpool for parents looking to try cloth nappies or a way to try them without a huge outlay in money, which as a parent is hard since as every parent knows its expensive to raise a child. 

While I was looking up information about it I saw that at one time Liverpool did have a nappy incentive scheme at one time, 

Liverpool City County Council

Liverpool city council offers a cashback claim of up to £50 from the authority or a month’s trial with a laundry service. If you are interested in any of the above incentives, please contact Liverpool City Council on 233 3001 or look at Liverpool City Council website.  (taken from http://www.babykind.co.uk/incentiveschemes.htm

If you click on the link it is dead and googling come up with nothing, A friend of mine called the number provided and they were told it was no longer running. I wonder why not, There is obviously a need for it, if only to save the waste that goes into landfill. I would think that Liverpool would jump at the chance to reduce its waste going to landfill, especially since they are pushing the recycling bins and reducing rubbish collections to fortnightly. 

I would love for Liverpool City Council to help set up a local nappy library to help parents learn the joy and ease of cloth nappies, and help us as a city to cut the waste that disposable nappies causes. It is estimated that each child in disposable nappies adds 1 tonne to landfill each year, and in a country that is having a “Baby boom” wouldn’t it make sense to invest in a reusable product and a place that helps more parents to learn?

If you are a liverpool parent and want to learn more about cloth nappies please join Liverpool cloth nappies on facebook, If you already use cloth and are willing to donate some to help start and grow the Liverpool cloth nappy library please get in contact.