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Making Olaf

I have been asked to make a Frozen cake for one of my work collegues for her neice’s birthday.
They asked for a round cake with Olaf on the top.

Now I have to be very honest here and admit that I have never seen Frozen, C is too little and I havn’t had the opportunity to go and see it in the cinema and we havn’t bought the bluray.

I agreed as I love to bake and it would be a new challange,  I decided to make a Olaf out of icing with added tylo powder to make it set so I can stand him on top of the cake.
I made Olaf on Wednesday evening to give him enough time to set properly.

 I don’t often make models for cakes so I used a picture tutorial I found online by Puckycakes and used a picture of him in this pose to go off.

I took a few pictures as I made him and here they are.

wpid-imag1080.jpg wpid-imag1085.jpg wpid-imag1082.jpg wpid-imag1083.jpg wpid-imag1088.jpg wpid-imag1089.jpg wpid-imag1092.jpg wpid-imag1093.jpg

I used Tesco’s white fondant icing, and a little black and orange icing for he details. I added Tylo powder to the icing to aid it in hardening and prevent him melting.
He still needed arms and twigs in this picture as the brown colour icing I had wasn’t dark enough.

I ended up having to use black as I couldn’t get dark brown icing anywhere.


 He isnt perfect but for a 1st attempt at him with basic tools to use went very well. He seems to look like Olaf and has set up nicely.
He took me about 50 minutes to make.

That’s Olaf, I’ll put up another post to show all the cakes later