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summer is here…

Sorry I’ve been very quiet lately, I’ve had a bit going on in my life generally and time seems to be passing by too quickly.

I have a new boyfriend, although at 27 years old the word boyfriend sounds a little childlike. He is lovely, so kind and thoughtful and he gets on great with my family and friends. I’ll Call him Mr J for now as i’m not sure that he will want me to talk about him, I don’t think he’s found my blog yet although I could be very wrong. ( Hi if you have found me)
It’s only been a month but it feels like i’ve know him for years and we get on so well.

I still need to meet his family and friends properly as we just havnt seemed to find the time to meet up with them yet.

Me and C went on a fantastic holiday in Towyn, North Wales at the end of last month with Danii and my cousin Ste as well. ¬†We had loads of visitors and got to have a catch up with friends, new and old. We made the most of a wet caravan holiday (took me back to childhood ūüėÄ ) playing in the arcade and jumping in puddles.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the week.

We made a flag :D

We made a flag :D

Frozen frustration!

Frozen frustration!

Missing their friend :'(

Missing their friend :'(

The play area, who cares about a little water!

The play area, who cares about a little water!

I can see you!

I can see you!

Just had to be done ;)

Just had to be done ;)

On the Ferris wheel.

On the Ferris wheel.



This next one is my favourite thanks to a little filter ūüėÄ


Don’t they just look so cute! not a care in the world, just looking out at the sea.

C breaks up from nursery on Thursday then the real fun begins, 6 weeks with no school! Although I still have work :( so I need to sort the babysitting list out.
My mum is my usual childcare but she isn’t too well at the moment so roped Mr J in as emergency childcare for today. ( didn’t I tell you he was good, think I got lucky with him) need to try and sort something else out though for other days.

I have also started a separate blog about my journey to becoming in nurse as I start my training in just 2 months time, I will be posting on Not Just a student nurse so pop over and have a little look and give me some love over there.

I’m going to try blogging more to keep a journal of the years if nothing more.

Love to all, Ellie

On the first day of parenting….surviving without Nursery

This year I have joined in¬†with¬†the #12daysofparenting¬†christmas blog hop so will hopefully be posting something Christmas and parenting related everyday as well as posting links to competitions and sponsors. I’ll also be linking up with other bloggers so why not take a look at their posts as well.
If you have come over from Suburban mum’s blog post , thank you ūüėÄ wasn’t her post interesting, if not head on over and take a look!

So here we go, day one!
On the first day of parenting….surviving without Nursery.
(If you’re anything like me you have probably just sang that in your head ūüėÄ ) Continue reading

Holiday planning again

I have a couple of holidays in the next 6 months that are being planning, both family friendly as well as toddler free time.


In October I am going away for the weekend with just my best friend for a girls weekend in London.
We are going to watch a show, shop and explore the big city.
We went last month, it was my 1st time being away from C and although I missed her I enjoyed being able to just do what I wanted for a few days while knowing that she was safe and happy. It was so last minute, as it was actually my mum and Auntie Ann’s weekend break but they gave us the chance to go as my grandparents were ill, so we didn’t get a chance to really plan what we wanted to do, although I must say we did fit in a lot! Continue reading

Our Bluestone holiday – January 2015


We packed up the car and set off just before 10.30 am on our almighty journey through Wales. It was a long and tiresome journey with a stop for lunch and a couple of ¬†car sickness stops to change C’s clothes ( I wish I’d have packed more now! )

We also got stuck in traffic after a motorcyclist had an accident and we had to wait for the air ambulance to airlift them to hospital and the police to reopen the road to Aberystwyth.

We arrived at Bluestone national park resort at 4.30 pm, checked in and drove up to our lodge in Bartholomew rise to see our lodge for the week. We are staying in an upside down Ramsay lodge.

It has a large open plan upstairs living area and 2 bedrooms with en-suites downstairs.

wpid-imag3335.jpg wpid-imag3336.jpg wpid-imag3337.jpg wpid-imag3340.jpg wpid-imag3342.jpg

After we had unpacked the car I drove it up to the long stay car park and picked up the buggy that I had pre-booked for the week, It only cost me £40 when I checked a few weeks ago but would have been £65 if I had hired it while here, such a bargain to pre-book.

We decided to go down to the Farmhouse grill for some tea. Continue reading

Planning for Bluestone

Our trip to Bluestone national park is just 8 days away and I have to say that I am very excited, but also nervous about the weather.

As we are in the UK It will probably be very cold but there will also be a risk of snow over the next week.
It is quite a long drive down to Pembrokeshire on mostly A roads, so I am really hoping that the roads will be clear because although I have been driving for over 8 years I still don’t feel very comfortable driving in ice and snow.

I have been sat writing (very long) lists of all we will need for our trip,¬†and I have split it into 3¬†categories, Clothes, Food and Extra’s.


I am only going to write things that I think we will need to take for C on here as D and I should know what to pack by know and I always think I will miss something that a toddler will need.

Vests x 5
PJ’s x 2
Pants x 7
Tops x 7
Jacket (fleece/hoodie) x 2
Puddle suit
Boots x 2
socks x lots
Tights x 2
denim pinafore

Clothes wise is there anything else that I will need for a nearly 2 year old? 


As the holiday is self catered, D is a fussy eater and I am on Slimming World I am planning on taking food so that we can cook for ourselves. I know that we will be out doing activities, swimming and playing a lot of the time so will probably eat out a bit but to some on some money I am taking food. There isn’t a large supermarket close by so it’s easier to take things with us.

Coke zero
Tins- Beans/spaghetti/ emergency toddler faves
Frozen – turkey dinosaurs/curly fries – for D.
store cupboard – Oil/cooking spray, salt, stock cubes,

What other food would you take?


This is all¬† the other things that aren’t clothes but we will need,

Nappies and wipes
Plates/bowls/cutlery for C
Sippy cup/ bottle for C
Washing up things РDishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, brush, tea towel.
Entertainment – toys, DVD’s, Laptop etc
Toddler bedding

Anything else I’ve missed?

I really hope that this will all fit in our little Golf.

We aren’t taking a buggy/pram with us as I think that it will get little use as C likes to walk and it will save on space in the car, I will however be taking my MGG carrier just in case she gets tired.

All about Bluestone

If you don’t know about bluestone national park resort it is a holiday resort situated in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales. Close to Oakwood park theme park and about 20 minutes drive from Tenby.
Bluestone has self catered holiday lodges in varying sizes from little studios for 2 up, large connected lodges that sleep 8 and Bunkhouses that sleep 14 people!
We¬†will be staying in a Ramsey “upside down living” lodge which sleep up to 4 people.
The Ramsey lodges have sleeping downstairs and a large open plan living area upstairs, so that you can take advantage of the spectacular views.

We have stayed in a Ramsey lodge on our last visit and I have to say the view was fantastic.
I can’t wait to tell you all about this trip!

reminiscing about Florida 2012

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about our last trip to florida. My laptop died last week and I lost all my pictures and documents but after getting it fixed ( new hard-drive) I discovered that some of my photo’s had been saved to my Google account including Florida ones from¬†the time¬†I last¬†went in 2012 with my Mum, Auntie Pauline and my best friend¬†Danii.
We had a girls only holiday and it was so fun to plan and prepare for.¬†I booked it all¬†without a travel agent and panicked¬†on multiple occasions that I had done something wrong. I booked Flights, transfers, accommodation, tickets, food everything that we could need was booked, insurance and ESTA’s were done and money exchanged.

While we were planning I remember someone asking me how old the kids going where to which I replied 22 and 23 ūüėÄ

I remember¬†Danii¬†asking about what to pack and if we needed to take “going out” clothes for the evening. It was her and¬†my auntie’s 1st trip to Florida and we let them know quickly that it¬†would be a fun-filled holiday where you are falling in to bed at the end of the day.

Whenever we have been we get up bright and early, at the gates waiting for the parks to open and are in the parks for as long as they let us.

Danii was expecting us to go out drinking of a night (as we were old enough and it would have been fun) but come the time to go out drinking we were always too exhausted to go anywhere. Occasionally we went to Downtown Disney to look around the shops after a day at the parks or went swimming/ sat by the pool of an evening but no way did we have the energy to get ready and go out.

We did drink a little alcohol on our visit in Epcot, we got some lovely slushy lime vodka concoctions in Morocco, and mum and Auntie Pauline had margarita’s in Mexico.

Me and Danii were like big kids on the holiday, we got henna tattoo’s, I had my face painted, enjoyed slushy from the sweet shop¬†in downtown Disney, we went to the pearl place in Japan too many times to remember but got lovely pearls!



We had a¬†brilliant holiday and I’m glad I still have photographic evidence from it.
I might share some more of the pictures in the next couple of weeks. 

This next holiday will be different because¬†it’s the¬†1st holiday with a¬†toddler¬†but the same in so many ways, we will still have fun, I will probably have my face painted, and will take hundreds of pictures to remember it all as it is going to be a very special holiday, My baby girls 1st Walt Disney world holiday.

Life for the next 2 weeks.

My parents left for a well deserved holiday on Saturday. They have ventured off to Norway on a cruise up the fjords. They will be gone for 2 weeks leaving me, Dan, C and my brother in the house.

I hope they have a lovely time visiting all the places’s I cant pronounce and eating cake. Every time my dad read out an excursion that was available to do it involved cakes and pastries.

I am lucky that my job fits in with Dan’s so we are covered for childcare, or I’m not sure what we would do. ¬†I work 4 days a week, Tuesday afternoon’s, Wednesday morning’s, Friday evening’s and Sunday afternoon’s, although I quite often do additional shifts. It’s not a lot but it pays enough for a part time job.

Dan works 30 hours over 5 days a week, doing morning shifts starting at 6 am, He is home just before I leave on a Tuesday for my afternoon.

My brother Tom has just started a new job working nights 10-6, so he is in bed most of the day.

I have all the shopping, cooking and cleaning to do, as well as the two dogs and toddler to wrangle. I want to spend some more time out of the house in the nice weather.

We went out for tea the other night and let C run riot in the kids play area. She loved it and so did Daddy as he is a big kid and got to go on the slides and mini zip-wire and ball pool. If your a fan of Big band theory I only need to say one word Bazinga! (yes he did do that)

 wpid-wp-1401807939311.jpeg wpid-wp-1401807950031.jpeg wpid-wp-1401807962009.jpeg soft play area

She spent a little time in the toddler area, it was tiny and didn’t really hold her attention for more than a few mins. So daddy took her in the big kids area, but I couldn’t get may pictures of her in there.


I might post a little less over the next few weeks, or I might post more if we do exciting things, I do have a Gulliver’s world trip planned for next week. It just depends if I have any time to sit and type.

If you can suggest any trips/ activities /play groups in Liverpool, North West UK for me and the 15 month old toddler please do.
I’m a little stuck for ideas!