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New York, New York…here we come!

So a few years ago my best friend Danii and I planned to go on holiday in New York City, We looked at flights and hotels, we talked about what what attractions we would visit.
I then found out I was pregnant so he plans got put on hold.

Finally nearly 4 years after we first talked about going on a girls adventure in NYC we are booked and going!
In less than 9 weeks time!

It’s all been talked bout and booked really quickly, we were actually meant to be going on a holiday in south wales, but it seemed to be stalled and no plans were being made. So we though about looking to go to New York.

We had a look online Thursday night and said we would have a proper look this weekend, but today mum wanted to visit Laura Ashley in Speke so I nipped into the Thomson shop next door.

I nipped in and just asked about any deals for early May, One of the lovely ladies working in there called Lisa took my details and had a look for me.
She found a fab deal going on the 5th May for 4 nights flying direct to JFK airport.

It was just too good to be true cost wise so I called Danii to check and we booked it there and then!

So its official in less than 9 weeks time we will be jetting off on a toddler free, long awaited girls only holiday.

So any suggestions of must do’s in NYC?
Hints and tips you can give us?  

Just hours and counting! – WDW 2016

Well the toddler and my parents are all in bed.
I on the other had am sat up worrying, this is what I’m like before I go, I always panic that I haven’t remembered something important.
So I think we’re packed.

All together we have…
1 car seat
1 buggy
1 toddler snack bag
2 autograph books ( mine and C’s)
2 laptops
3 tablets ( one toddler one)
4 passports
4 hand luggage bags
5 cases
and what feels like hundreds of clothes items
for just…
3 adults and a toddler .

I have no idea how to pack light, and I have no idea how we are going to get through MCO with all that…up an escalator!

They are all under weight at least 😀


 I should really go to bed now since I didn’t go to sleep until after 4 am last night. We had a call at 11.30 last night to say my nan had been taken into hospital with a suspected stroke. She had a TIA ( mini stroke) and is fine now but it was a bit of a worry, today has been stressful but I just cant sleep.

I don’t know if its excitement or nerves but I have to be up in 5 and a half hours at the latest.

My next update will be from Florida

Flying Virgin to Orlando

You might guess that this is a pre-written post, well its a little difficult to post from an airplane.
Right now we will be in our seat, hopefully comfortably enjoying our flight with Virgin Atlantic.

I will be on holiday for the next 2 weeks so I’m not sure if I’ll post or not, probably not except for a photo on Silent Sunday, I do have some fabulous guest posts scheduled so please continue to come and visit and read what my guest bloggers have written.

If  you want to know how our holiday is going then please follow us on Facebook, twitter and instagram for more current updates and pictures.

Love you all
Enjoy the beginning of Autumn


Another change of plans… but a good one

It’s not often that I get to write a post like this but what I published this morning is no longer true!
By some miracle my mum who has been quite sick for the past week and a half, unable to eat and barely able to drink has turned a corner and is feeling well enough to travel.

She isn’t 100% better but is feeling well enough that she want’s to go on holiday, for the past 10 days she was barely able to move and said that she didn’t want to go as she felt too ill.
Anyone who know’s my mum knows that to miss Disney would be a huge deal and would only happen if she was very sick.

The Doctor put her on some new medication after a visit to him, which seems to have helped an awful lot. Her pain has lessened, she was able to eat without being in excruciating pain, and she decided that she want’s to join us on the holiday as planned.

She doubts that she will eat much and it will probably be a few more days into the holiday before she will have the energy to do as much as usual but she said she would rather go and be ill there for a few days then enjoy the rest of the holiday, than miss the whole thing.

I am so happy that they are both coming with us as I know how much they have been looking forward to this holiday. My dad sounded so happy when I called to tell him that mum was feeling well enough to go as he was planning on calling to cancel it today.

Miracles do happen and I’m so glad that we were lucky enough to get one!

Packing for a surprise holiday.

I found out on Friday that we had won a competition for a midweek break in Bluestone resort in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. I was amazed and excited that I had won a holiday, the only issue was that it was very short notice as we go tomorrow. So I am trying to get  everything ready got my Mother, Baby C and I to drive down there tomorrow.

I am so excited, I get to take Baby C to places I visited as a child, If I ever get the packing done that is.  I currently have some food sorted out, and 3 lists of things we will need, a list for me, a list of food and a Very long list for Baby C. It seems like I need so much stuff for the littlest person, I am trying to make sure we only take one holdall bag of clothes for all of us, then the pram, and food bags.

Here is the list of stuff I think I need to take for Baby C alone, we probably don’t need it all but I feel better making sure I take it.

bottles x6, bottle brush, cup
spoons x 3
bowls x 2
nappies and wipes
nappy sacks
nappy cream

food – jars, pouches, porridge
milk powder
medicines- dentinox, calpol, nurofen

hoodies x2
sleeping bag
toothbrush and paste
bubble bath
cot linen

Baby’s seem to need a lot of things for just a day out nevermind 4 nights. I don’t know how people manage to pack for holidays abroad or for more than one child.

I will be writing updates and sharing photo’s of our holiday so watch this space.