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Preping for Guide camp

This weekend we are taking some of our Guides to camp, we are going Saturday to Monday so it’s only a relatively small camp but with 14 of us including 3 adults and a toddler going it is going to take a fair amount of planning and equipment.

We went last week and bought a new tent as our old one had broken when Dan went to LAN last year.
We went to Decathlon and had a good look around and chose a Quenchua Arpenaz 4.2 XL Family tent – 4 man  which was £179.99

Photo taken from Decathlon's website http://www.decathlon.co.uk/arpenaz-42-xl-family-tent-4-man-id_8330641.html

Photo taken from Decathlon’s website http://www.decathlon.co.uk/arpenaz-42-xl-family-tent-4-man-id_8330641.html

It’s a 2 bedroom tent with storage areas on each side and a large “living” area in the centre.
I havn’t put it up yet, that is a job for this weekend so I will let you know how that goes next week.

I already have a sleeping bag and have bought C a few bits in ASDA


We have a thing about owls 😀

We have a parents meeting this week and I will go and do the food shopping on Friday for the weekend, I hope the weather is good but I highly doubt it.

C is all ready for what will probably be a very wet weekend camping


Wish us look!

This week is a busy work week

This week seems to be very busy.
I’m working 6 out of 7 days, doing double shifts on two days as well as CPR training on Monday night, Guides on Tuesday night and a guide camp activity day in Warrington on Saturday. I don’t have one free day this week, and I’m looking for activities to take C too.


My diary pages are looking a lot fuller than usual. I usually work Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The rest of my week is spent :-

  • Looking after C, who is active and only occasionally naps during the day.
  • Food shopping -Although I must admit I mostly do it online now as its easier.
  • A little cleaning – I should do more really but its difficult with the toddler
  • Guides- I do guides every Tuesday evening of term time, as well as the odd activity day meeting and training.
  • Other shopping – birthday cards, presents, Christmas bits, clothes etc that need doing on a weekly basis
  • Seeing friends- I try to see people when I can, not always possible but I try.
  • Blogging – As you can probably tell by how far down the list this is and by how much I’ve posted lately, I don’t get too much free time to blog during the week, its snatched moments as and when I get a chance and a lot of my posts are drafted many times adding small snip bits of information as and when.

Busy weeks are a blessing and a curse, they will fly over and it will be a week closer to Christmas but it also means that C is a week older.
She no longer looks like a baby, not that she really seemed like a little baby for that long at all since she walked at 9 months, but she is starting to loose the toddler look and look a lot more like a little girl.
She is just growing up too fast and I know there is no way to stop it, I just have to keep taking photo’s, backing them up and also blogging.
Blogging is my way of documenting our lives as they happen, the interesting and the mundane, I want to remember everything and share it all with whoever wants to read.