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Have I grown up?

I went out for a night out on Saturday night with my best friend. Its one of the few times since I had C that I have been on a night out.
We had a good time, went for a lovely meal in Wagamama’s then to a couple of clubs in town, but we were home by 1.30am.

The highlight of the night, other than the amazing Pulled pork gyoza and Chilli chicken Raman in Wagamama’s, Was playing pool in the Krazyhouse.

It’s been years since I’ve played pool and out of all the clubs in town the K is where I feel most at home.  
The K just doesn’t change, it’s still great music and a great atmosphere whether its 2 days or 2 years since you’ve been.

I have come to the realisation though that I am too old, in the head because at only 25 i’m in no way to old to go out!, for town now. The drinks and the music and the dancing are fun once in a while but I can’t seem to let go like I used to, I know that even if I stay out until 4am drinking and dancing, I still have to get up with C at 7 or 8am and be mummy.

I also found myself thinking about how much I was spending on pointless and not very nice drinks in clubs, and what else I could spend the money on and that I was missing sleep. I was only out till 1.30 am, but C woke up at 2 am for a bottle, then again at 5.45 am and was up by 8 am.  

I think becoming a grown up, whether it’s by becoming a parents or getting a full-time job, makes you realise that the time and money that you have are precious and it’s a waste sometimes to go on a night out, unless there is a very good reason.

Do you still go out drinking on nights out as a parent?

16 months old- she’s a toddler!

This week C became a lively 16 month old, well she has always been a livewire but she turned into a 16 month old.
I’m not actually sure where all the time has gone because she seems to have grown up in the blink of an eye. She has gone from my little baby to a toddler, who seems to be verging on the terrible 2’s a little early!

My mum put it well the other day when we were talking. She said that while your pregnant you are planning for this little baby. So much thought, energy and time go into getting everything prepared for the tiny person that will be coming home so very soon. Those 9 months seem like a lifetime of planning and prepping and painting. The cot, changing table and furniture are all put together, all the clothes are bought and hung up on little tiny hangers, everything is folded and stacked and put in place just waiting for the day they come home. 

But that new baby phase is so short.

Within a matter of weeks the little baby that you gave birth to and brought home is starting to change and move on their own, sit up, crawl or in C’s case go straight to walking. All the tiny little clothes are put away and the bigger ones some out.

That little baby that you planned for isn’t so little and you have a mobile baby, but that stage isn’t very long either and soon enough your “baby” is walking and talking and feeding themselves with a fork.using a fork

They seem to grow up overnight.
Their hair that you thought would never grow when they were littler is starting to get in their eyes and will soon need to be trimmed.


They become mischievous and get their own personalities. They grow and learn and want to explore. They pull the dog’s tail and run away when you chase them, they laugh and smile and have so much fun.

My not so little baby is venturing out and looking at the world she lives in. She loves to interact with her environment and the people around her.
She is pushing boundaries and trying new things.
She is learning.
 She is growing and she is no longer my baby in that sense, she is now My toddler and is growing up to fast for my liking. 

water balloon fun

She has passed so many milestone in her very short life but still has so many more to reach, so much to learn and so much life to enjoy.
I cannot wait to be there for every second of it.




Binky Linky

11 months old

I am 3 days late with this post, she is actually 11 months 3 days old now, but i’ve realised that it is quite hard to be on time with a toddler. Thats what Baby C is now, she isnt really a baby any more and hasnt been for a few months she is a proper toddler, she likes to walk, doesnt want to be carrier or in her pram or in the trolley while shopping. I think she is still too little thought. People look, and point to their friends and say “awww” because although she is 11 months old she still looks like she would be too little to walk.

I sometimes wish that she hadnt learnt to walk so early, that she couldnt climb the stairs ( we have stair gates so she can’t but is able too), that she dodnt love to explore and investigate everything from the dogs food and water to the washing machine, that she was still my little baby who I could cuddle with and who stayed in the place you put her. I miss the little 6lb 15oz baby who I brought home from the hospital but I love the amazing and beautiful little girls who she is growing into.

Tomorrow is our health visitor appointment for her 11 month check. I’m not sure exactly what they will want to see. She walks, points, claps, copies and makes noises, she says mama, She eats a varied diet and feeds herself. She is a happy little girl, so I hope that they dont have any issues ( I had a friend who had problems with her health visitor recently). We havnt seen a health visitor since May last year, I wouldnt know her health visitor if I passed her in the street. I just cant wait till its over, just one more appointment to tick off the list. 

Less than a month till my little girl is 1 and I am looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. I am organising a little party just before her birthday, A cake smash and then I think on her birthday me nad her dad will take her out for the day.