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#MySundayPhoto – 09/08/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken on Saturday, We were at my nan’s as usual and we decided since the weather was nice to go over to the park near to their house and enjoy the sun.

C and my granddad Eddie were walking along hand in hand, he was pointing out things to her and they looked so sweet together, so I tried to snap a picture, she chose that moment to run to me though.


There are 80 years between them but they are thick as thieves.
Love them both so much


Past generations ( great-granddad Mac and great-nan Annie)

There are pictures of me when I was little sitting on my great granddad’s knee, my dad’s mum’s dad.
I know that I was lucky to know just one of my great grandparents, he passed away when I was about 4 so I don’t really remember him.

C is even luckier, she has all 8 great grandparents!
She see’s most of them very regularly and it is obvious that they adore her.

I really want to get picture’s of C with each of them, so I can share them with you.
This is her with great-nan Annie (my mum’s mum) a couple of weeks ago.


And her with both great-granddad Mac and great-nan Annie (my mum’s parents)


Pictures are lovely memories, My grandparents have very very few photo’s of when they were young and my parents have more than them but still not loads, and in the age were in where we all have camera’s in our pockets they are so easy to take.

It is going to be one of my resolutions for the new year to take more pictures and store them in a safe way, as I have lost pictures when my computer died this year.

I want to make some scrapbooks so that we have them to look back on when C is older and show her all the amazing things that she did when she wasn’t even 2 yet.
All the holidays she’s been on, they people she has met and the everyday pictures that show how she is growing.

I also will show her out family tree that we are still working on to show her all the past generations of our families.