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Looking to the future.

After my post yesterday I think it’s time to write a few things that I am planning to do this year to make it a little happier, hopefully nothing happens to mess up my plans.

  • I am still signed up to do the 10k race for life in Liverpool on the 5th July, I certainly won’t be running but i’m determined to walk and finish it. I could do with some more sponsors if you think that you would like to sponsor me then just log onto my just giving page to donate that way or see/speak to me about filling in a sponsorship form.
  • I am looking to do some volunteer work in a hospital to give me some more experience and give me something else to add to my Uni application.
  • I am going to reapply to Uni to do a nursing degree, I did apply a few years ago before I had Charlotte but I wasnt luck enough to get a place, then I had my beautiful little girl.
  • I am going to look at a nursery for C, She doesnt get any free funding until Easter term next year but I’d like to find a nice nursery for her to go to.
  • Danielle and I are going to London in October for the weekend, I really hope this doesn’t get cancelled as whenever we plan a holiday something happens!
  • I think I will do the lotto and enter some competitions because after all the bad luck that we have had this year some good luck should be on its way to us!

Fingers crossed that its all blue skies and rainbows for the rest of the year, I’ve had enough of grey skies and rain.

Wish me luck!