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summer is here…

Sorry I’ve been very quiet lately, I’ve had a bit going on in my life generally and time seems to be passing by too quickly.

I have a new boyfriend, although at 27 years old the word boyfriend sounds a little childlike. He is lovely, so kind and thoughtful and he gets on great with my family and friends. I’ll Call him Mr J for now as i’m not sure that he will want me to talk about him, I don’t think he’s found my blog yet although I could be very wrong. ( Hi if you have found me)
It’s only been a month but it feels like i’ve know him for years and we get on so well.

I still need to meet his family and friends properly as we just havnt seemed to find the time to meet up with them yet.

Me and C went on a fantastic holiday in Towyn, North Wales at the end of last month with Danii and my cousin Ste as well. ¬†We had loads of visitors and got to have a catch up with friends, new and old. We made the most of a wet caravan holiday (took me back to childhood ūüėÄ ) playing in the arcade and jumping in puddles.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the week.

We made a flag :D

We made a flag :D

Frozen frustration!

Frozen frustration!

Missing their friend :'(

Missing their friend :'(

The play area, who cares about a little water!

The play area, who cares about a little water!

I can see you!

I can see you!

Just had to be done ;)

Just had to be done ;)

On the Ferris wheel.

On the Ferris wheel.



This next one is my favourite thanks to a little filter ūüėÄ


Don’t they just look so cute! not a care in the world, just looking out at the sea.

C breaks up from nursery on Thursday then the real fun begins, 6 weeks with no school! Although I still have work :( so I need to sort the babysitting list out.
My mum is my usual childcare but she isn’t too well at the moment so roped Mr J in as emergency childcare for today. ( didn’t I tell you he was good, think I got lucky with him) need to try and sort something else out though for other days.

I have also started a separate blog about my journey to becoming in nurse as I start my training in just 2 months time, I will be posting on Not Just a student nurse so pop over and have a little look and give me some love over there.

I’m going to try blogging more to keep a journal of the years if nothing more.

Love to all, Ellie

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 13

Day 13

A friend


This is what friends are for, encouraging each other to do things to help others as well as make you more healthy.
Danii convinced me to do therace for life this year, 1st time even and she even made me convinced me to do the 10k!

I actually managed it too in less than 2 hours, just 4 weeks after having an operation!

Holiday cards*

We always buy holiday cards for all our family, since Dan and I getting together and having C the list of cards that I need to buy has increased. I have bought a few but still have at least 20 more to buy for grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc.
I still have at least 20 that I need to buy and write, sometimes I think that it would just be easier to do like they do in American movies and programs where they get dressed up in jumpers and hats, and all pose for a picture to put on their cards to send to family and friends.

I’ve always though it was a fun idea to have something personal to send from your family¬†to others. It lets them see how your are all growing and changing, and means that they wont have multiples of the same store-bought cards and I wound have to battle my way through a crowded card shop with a toddler trying to help.

I wanted personalised cards when C was getting christened but I couldn’t find any that I likes and that fitted in with our style, so a I ended up making my own.

I’ve been looking online at Christmas cards and seen some absolutely lovely photo holiday cards that I would just love to get to send to our family and friends so that could see just how much C has grown.
We have quite an extended family who are scattered all live the country and who we don’t see as much as we really should sending them a card like this would at least mean they¬†can see what an amazing little girl C is becoming.

These are a few of my favourite designs that I have seen in my browsing :-


Whirlwind Christmas card $2.84 each (for 25)¬†from minted.com ¬†–
I love the simplicity of this card, just your photograph and the message.¬† I love how they can each be personalised¬†with¬†photo’s and wording inside and out,¬†allowing them to be completely personal.
I would choose to have a folded card as they are the style I prefer but you can get it as a flat (postcard style) card instead which is a little cheaper.


Destination luggage tag holiday photo card¬†$2.84 each (for 25) from minted.com –
This is such a pretty luggage tag style card, I have seen this style of design of a few sites including www.minted.com and www.funkypigeon.com.
I really like the luggage tag style cards although they are less traditional in style and the older generations might not like them, they appeal to me.


Joyful holiday wishes card $2.84 each (for 25) from minted.com ¬†–
Again this card can each be personalised in photo’s and wording inside and out,¬†allowing them to be completely personal. You can also select different wording ( holidays or Christmas) as well as different colour ways.

The Minted cards are from an American company so the prices are in dollars and have a minimum order of 25 but they do ship internationally, and at the moment have a free personalised envelope offer on when you order cards which makes them just a little but more special.

I think I have left it a little bit to late this year to get these cards made to send, but I might get them for next year if I manage to get my butt into gear and get things sorted earlier.

*disclosure – I have been offered money off products from minted to write this post. All written thoughts and opinions are unbiased and my own*

Pets at Home 30 Day Nutrition Challenge – part 3

Today we are 2 weeks into our challenge and took the boys for their check up with Hannah.

The are both looking in great condition, shiny coats and good general health, We got both boys weighed again.
Finley although looking a lot slimmer at the waist, with more ribs visible and a more defined waist had only lost 0.2 kilograms. Where as Freddie who was a little underweight at our last appointment had put on a whopping 2.1 kg, He still has about another 3 kg to put on but is obviously doing very well.

Hannah suggested brushing Freddie’s teeth but I think I will get the water additive as it will be easier with both of them as I don’t think they will let me brush their teeth, I find it hard enough trying to do the toddlers twice a day!

Hannah also checked their microchips while we were there as I mentioned that I was going to ask the vet to check them at their next visit, just to make sure they hadn’t moved since last time.

Both dogs are loving the Wainwright’s food and we still have loads left in each of the 15 kg bags.

We have just started on our second box of each of the trays, ideally I’d like to move them over to just the dry food eventually but I’m not sure if they will eat just the dry food.

Freddie made a new friend in Pets at home today, A little hamster, he was fascinated my it and just stood watching him in the cage for about 5 minutes. He only left as we had to leave the shop and come home, or I’m not sure how long he would have stayed so still.


We have booked in to go back again on the 1 st of December for another weigh in to check how both boys are doing.


Vacancy :- Friend

There seem to be a few vacancies lately in my life for the position of friend.
Please carefully read the job description, all applications will be carefully read.

  • Position :- Friend
  • Hours :- Although it is a full time job, a few hours a week in person, online or via phone are all possible ways to get your hours in. Some evenings and weekends will be required.
  • Pay :- Pay will be discussed on an individual basis but monetary pay will be nil, the odd coffee and a shoulder to cry on will always be available.
  • Skills required :- Good communication skills are a must. Typing and shorthand skills are gr8. ¬†Strong shoulders and good hugging arms are a must. A good memory is required.
  • Location :- I am liverpool based but worldwide friendships are welcome, with skype and facebook the world can be in you livingroom.

Ok this is obviously a joke advertisement but being truthful, the great close group of friends I had not that long ago has gone. Growing up, jobs, moving and babies (ok maybe it was just me who had a baby) seems to have separated me from them.
I think me having a baby has been the biggest change, its changed me a but not a lot. In college I was always the “mum” of the group, looking after people.

Communication is obviously a two way street, so I am as much in the wrong for letting us drift apart, but I really wish I still had them in my life like I did not that long ago.
I can honestly, hand on heart, say I have only a handful of very close Real life (RL) friends now and of course my internet mummy friends.

I’m just disappointed that I haven’t kept contact with past friends. Those kids I played with in Primary school, the people I spent holidays playing with and sleepovers with in secondary school. The amazing friend that I partied with and hung out with in college. The people who shared the stress and halls with in Uni. Colleagues I have met in work, and others in my life, neighbours acquaintances etc.
Each new change brought new friends and others have slowly slipped away.
Mobile phones became a daily part of life, great for getting and keeping people’s numbers but again with changing contracts, new number and lost phones people can slowly lose contact.

Social media is great for tracking people down and catching up, send a small message, just to see how people are but its all to easy to just let people go.

I love my family and the friends who I still see, you are the people who mean the world to us.
Thank you for still being in our lives.
To those I don’t see anymore…I miss you, I hope you are all happy and healthy wherever you are, and if you miss me too, I’m just a call or message away.


photo a day – days 13/14/15

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much over the last couple of days, I’ve been ill as well as looking after the poorly Baby C. So I have put the last few photo a day posts into one.

Day 13- perfect

Baby C is perfect, well she is perfect to me. When she is sick, tired or grumpy,  or her usual happy smiley self, She is and always will be perfect.


Day 14- Heart

I <3 (heart) my family and friends. Here are a few photos of just a few of them, I couldn’t choose just one photo for today. I love each and every one of my family and friend whether they are real life friends or internet friends.

226542_19324796144_7843_nIMAG0243 IMAG0321 IMAG0347DSC_0201892514_10151371281138458_1637831403_o


Day 15- My drink of choice

I’ve said it a couple of times now. I am a coffee addict. My parents got me this when they went to Costco last week, Huge Douwe Egberts!


This weekend- Birthday and Kiddicare!

This weekend seems to have flown by, been very busy this weekend.

Saterday was my boyfriend Dan’s birthday, he got a lie-in and then got to have a relaxed day while I looked after Baby C.¬†Me and Baby C went to visit some of my family and skype’d with the¬†parental’s off on their holiday. Then we went for a meal with Dan’s family, afterwards Nanny G took Baby C for a couple of hours and I came home and ironed clothes while watching doctor who, gotta love multitasking!

Today we all had a lie-in, then Me, Baby C, my best friend and her sister went up to Kiddicare in Aintree, if your ever in the area or near to any others I highly recommend a visit  (http://www.kiddicare.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreLocatorContentDetailView?langId=-1&storeId=10001&stloc_id=10006)

I love Kiddicare, its amazing! We had a coffee and looked at all of the cute baby clothes. I looked at things like highchairs and stairgates as we will sooner or later be needing them. Resisted spending more money in there today as I went not long ago with my mum and bought lots of stuff. On that occasion I used the feeding nest in the cafe to breastfeed my little one and left mum to explore the shop. when we finally emerged my mum’s first comment was “I want to buy one of everything” and then pulled me all over the shop to show me what she had found.

This evening I had takeaway with my best friend and watched some TV and played with Baby C. Once she went home I got Baby C ready for bed and my brother took her to watch TV with him while I did some housework, surprising how much can be done in only 20 mins. I did intend on an early night tonight as I have to be up and out for yet another busy day tomorrow but time gets away from me. Hopefully we will be in bed by midnight.