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Merseyside derby day!

Today is the Merseyside Derby day
Everton V Liverpool
1.30pm kick off at Goodison!

We have a little rivalry at the moment over who C will support. ( The poor toddler hears conflicting views all the time)
Her dad and his family are Reds whereas all my family are Blues.
So she doesn’t have it very easy on Derby days, with the family spilt.
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#MySundayPhoto – 08/02/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto and 39/365 is this lovely picture of C in her new Everton training top.

I attended the Everton v Liverpool derby last night and as we arrived early Danii and I went into the Everton shop for a little look around.
I saw this top and thought that it would be prefect for my little Evertonian.


Please excuse the background as the wallpaper is being stripped to be redecorated, she also has a mouth full of white chocolate buttons, but she loves her new top and didn’t want to take it off.

Now I know that her Dad and his family are all reds so ultimately it will be C’s choice what team she supports be it Everton, Liverpool, or someone else.
Everton is my team, My initials are even EFC, so I hope she follows in my footsteps and supports the blue boys!