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Date night

Last night was mine and Mr J’s 1 month anniversary since our 1st date.
He had told me to keep the 20th free and he had planned a date for us but wouldn’t tell me what it was. Although he told both my best friend and my mum which I though was a little unfair.

So yesterday afternoon I got dressed up in a dress.  Seriously those who know me will know that i’m not a dress kind of girl (except for very special occasions), and did my hair and make up ready for my surprise date.

I met Mr J at central station in Liverpool at 5pm and we had a little walk around the shops. I went into Primark and bought some new shoes as the ones that I had chosen to wear had given me a blister, rookie mistake I know but I generally live in flipflops and sketchers but had been banned from either of those and i’m no longer used to wearing my “going out” shoes as it’s been years. I found a pretty pair that went with my dress.


We then wandered back to the station and boarded the train towards Hunt’s cross.


I still didn’t have a clue as to where we were going to it was all a surprise for me.
We got off the train at St Michael’s station and walked through to Lark lane. Lucky for us the weather was holding out but had cooled down a bit.


I then had a choice of where I wanted to eat, after a short walk along the road looking at menu’s we chose to eat in Al Dente, a sort of Mediterranean/ Italian fusion sort of restaurant.

They have a lovely outside courtyard that has covered seating and we chose to eat out there. The staff were all very friendly and attentive, the food was delicious. I chose the chicken and mushroom tagliatelle although I don’t remember seeing any mushrooms in it, the pasta was perfect and the sauce was creamy but not to heavy. Mr J ordered a mixed kebab that also looked lovely.

wpid-wp-1469098728542.jpg wpid-wp-1469098728468.jpg

We also shared a side of the mozzarella pockets, which is mozzarella cheese enclosed in pizza dough with a garlic dip.


We ordered dessert too and I got a fabulous homemade tiramisu and Mr J got cheesecake.

wpid-wp-1469099344114.jpg wpid-wp-1469099344121.jpg

I would definitely recommend trying Al Dente to anyone who’s around Lark lane and hungry. Although unless you want a blue tongue avoid the Blue Lagoon cocktail


After food we had a wander back down Lark lane towards the park, got a couple of pokestops ( Yes I play Pokemon Go) and went into the Lodge for a cocktail.

I got a Zombi and Mr J got a long island ice tea, they were very strong and missing the puree as they didn’t have any, but delicious non the less.

wpid-wp-1469098728185.jpg wpid-wp-1469098728222.jpg

We walked back to the station, and I managed to get very wet feet by stepping on something that attacked me with water.

In town we went to Roxy’s, which is a pool bar and again we got cocktail ( I was spoilt 😀 ) Can you guess which was mine?

wpid-wp-1469098728186.jpg wpid-wp-1469098728224.jpg

We sat on the rooftop terrace and enjoyed the lovely evening weather.
Mr J then asked if I wanted to go to one of the casino’s in town?

I’d never been to a casino so I though I might as well finish the night trying something new. It was really fun, we only stayed about 30 mins. I put £10 onto my card to use and walked out with £35 so my 1st time in a casino was a good one.

Overall it was a fantastic date, we have decide to make it a regular thing and try to do something on the 20th of each month, I think I should plan a surprise for Mr J next month 😀

Thank you again for a fab night out Mr J xxx

On the eleventh day of parenting….Last minute shopping

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So here we go, day eleven!
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On the eleventh day of parenting…. Last minute shopping

Nearly there now people!!!
Only the dreaded Christmas food shop to combat, every year the shops seem to get busier, I honestly dread stepping into a supermarket at this time of year, especially if I have to do it with a toddler in tow.

No matter how much I plan to get all my shopping sorted, wrapped and under the tree.
I inevitably still end up trying to buy presents and get them wrapped at the last minute.
I have a couple of presents that I have ordered and need to be collected from Tesco, then need to wrap them.

Don’t even get me started on the food shopping!
I need to go early on Christmas eve morning to get some things that just can’t be bought any earlier, things like French sticks, loaves of bread and meat for Christmas day evening.

I still have a list of shopping that I need to do, but after being told of queues to get into the local supermarket car park, and huge waits at the tills I can’t face the shops during daylight hours.
I am planning of going in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping, I’ll leave my dad and brother to listen out for the toddler, and me and mum can go at like 5 am to get it all!

When do you do your Christmas food shopping?
Are you ready for Christmas now?

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September challenge #theidearoom -Day 17

Day 17



Today for my birthday my mum and I went for breakfast to the tavern. I have had breakfast here before (as you can read about here) and loved it, so decided that for my birthday I wanted to go there. We dropped C off at nursery then we went for some delicious food!

I had the breakfast at Tiffany’s with sausage patties which was amazing! Mum had the full English and it was too much for her to finish, unlimited tea and coffee as well. It only came to £13.45 which is a great price, I would definitely recommend the tavern to anyone looking for breakfast in south Liverpool

Have you ever  been to the tavern in Allerton, Liverpool?

Breakfast at the Tavern Allerton

As the car was due in the Halfords garage on Smithdown road today I decided to go for breakfast at the Tavern Co to try their award winning Full English. I arrived just as they opened at 9am and was seated straight away, although they thought it was strange that I was eating alone and wasn’t just waiting for someone.

I was offered Tea or Coffee which according to their menu is bottomless and included in the price of breakfast. I ordered the Full English and had a good look around at the lovely décor while I waited.
It’s an Mexican/American themed restaurant and there is tons of interesting things to look at all around the place, licence plates on the walls, signs, street names etc.



 It wasn’t a long wait on food and it arrived about 5 minutes later. I opted to not get the grilled tomato on mine as I’m just not a fan of them. It included 2 sausages, 2 bacon rashers, beans, egg, black pudding, mushrooms and 3 halves of toast.



It was delicious although the black pudding wasn’t the best quality, the toast was done perfectly for me, lightly toasted and buttered.

I had about 3 cups of coffee that was lovely and there were milk bottles and sugar dispensers on the tables so you could add as much or as little as you like.


The staff were lovely but as it was quiet they asked me if everything was ok about 7 times during the 20 minutes I was eating.

I was finished by 9.30am, had a 3rd cup of coffee then asked for the bill, on the menu the Full English is £6.90 which is very reasonable especially as it includes unlimited coffee or tea. When the bill arrived I had only been charged £6.60 as they had taken the price of the tomato off which I though was nice as most places don’t do that.

I left a small tip and filled in the comment card that arrived with the bill, I plan on returning there to try some of the other delicious sounding breakfasts, American pancakes anyone? They are a family friendly restaurant as well so I might take C and my mum one day and we can have brunch.

I would totally recommend the Tavern Co to anyone who is looking for a nice breakfast in a lovely atmosphere.

Project 365 – week 2

So here is a quick round up of the days 6-12

Day 6- Someone had a little too much fun with the pen’s that Uncle Tom got her for Christmas.


Day 7 – Teach them while their young.


Day 8- Having a Babychino while out for coffee with the girls.


 Day 9 – #Flashbackfriday – Newquay 2007, such a long time and what feels like another life ago, oh to be teenagers again.


Day 10 – Such a girly girl!


Day 11 – Yummy food with my best friend.


Day 12 – How the toddler decided she wanted to watch cartoons this morning.
She has a cough and cold so its a lazy day today.


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Florida- hotel arrival and Magic Kingdom

Here is my next Florida Walt Disney world post, You can read the previous one here.

We arrived at our hotel, Coronado springs, at about 5 pm and checked in.
We went up to our room 6313 and quickly unpacked, before meeting my parents to go and get the bus to Magic kingdom.

Mickey on the bed, a lovely little touch

Mickey on the bed, a lovely little touch

The sink area

The sink area

In past years it has always been a tradition to go to EPCOT on the day we arrived but mum decided that Magic kingdom would be better as it had extra magic hours so was open till midnight.

Arriving at Magic kingdom and walking up main street for the 1 st time that holiday was lovely, the heat and the atmosphere just blows you away, although it was raining which did draw a little of the magic away.

We went straight to Cosmic Rays in Tommorowland once we got into the park to enjoy a well deserved meal.
As they sever a variety of fast food meals and there was something that each of us would eat.
I got a lovely pulled pork burger!
It was just as lovely as I remembered It from my previous trip and the chips were yummy too.  Continue reading

October 25th – photo a day challenge


The Chinese that we always order from is called the Welcome, they do lovely Wor tip, sweetcorn soup and beef broccoli.


I discovered my love of beef broccoli in New York when I was 17 and my love of pot stickers (aka Wor Tip) in EPCOT Florida when we went a few years ago.

If you have never tried any of them then I suggest finding a Chinese that sells them and ordering some asap!

Homemade SW chicken stew and Yorkshire puddings

Mum hasn’t been well for a few weeks and with the rest of us in work on different shifts we haven’t had much time to think about healthy meals.
So when I did the online shopping a few days ago I decided that making some healthy meals in the slow cooker would be a good idea.
It would mean that we will have hot meals available without a mad rush in the evenings.

This morning I threw chicken thighs, carrots, onions, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and broccoli into the slow cooker with some stock and left it on high all day.

At about 4 pm I added some gravy granuals to thicken it up.
It smelt divine and tasted like a roast dinner mash up, and The best thing about this is its Slimming World friendly. there are a couple of syns in the gravy but as its such a big pot, its very low syn per portion ( on EE)

My small portion

My small portion

C's portion

C’s portion

I also decided to try and make Yorkshire pudding to go with it (not SW friendly though), it was the 1st time I had ever made them and I have to say they worked out quite well, if a little misshapen.



I will definitely make Yorkshire puddings again but add less to each or invest in a Yorkshire tray to make larger ones.

I really enjoyed eating it, but I know that it is going to taste so much better cold tomorrow for lunch.
I made enough to feed us with some left overs.

I have to say that apparently my cooking was wasted on C this evening as she refused my puddings and only ate a few bites of the stew.
She did have a big lunch of pasta, followed by a bottle of milk though so she might not have been very hungry.

Top collar dog treats review*

Although my blog tends to get categorized as a parenting or mummy blog, and although I agree I also like to write about and include all of my family as well. So who could leave out our furry family members Finley and Freddie. When I saw a request for bloggers to review dog treats from Top Collar I couldn’t say no, Well my boys deserve treats especially as they are so good with Baby C.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, most dog treats either come in a little bag or big box and they are mass produced biscuit treats. What I didn’t expect was a flattened cardboard box that fitted through the letterbox (I’m lucky I was in and the postman didn’t just post it thorough as I suspect I wouldn’t be able to write this review if he had).

IMAG1180 IMAG1168

As I opened the box, with both dogs at my feet waiting to see as they could obviously smell the delicious contents. I was happily surprised by the plastic and tissue wrapped bite sized heart and paw shaped biscuits. We had been sent a box of Full english flavoured treats made from just 4 Ingredients: Egg, sausage, bacon, potato.

IMAG1167 IMAG1181

They looked good enough to eat! So I tried them out on the two waiting and dribbling dogs.


And they loved them! Finley even tipped up the box after I had given them a couple each to try and get more.

Well the box didn’t last the day with my two gluttons!


I love how the box give the analytical breakdown of the treats so you know exactly what you are giving to your dog. These treats are good enough to be eaten by humans, I even let Baby C give them to Finley ( she loves to give food to Fin) as I knew if she did put it in her mouth, like babies always do, then there was nothing in them that could harm her.

The box we were sent was a 150g full english which costs only £4.95 on their website and was filled with bite-sized treats that easily would allow me to treat my dogs for a few days, if I rationed them.

They also do a “keep em coming” subscription that costs £8.95 a month and you get 2 deliveries  every month each containing one of their variety of flavours. They have 8 to choose from and take into account your dogs preferences.

Top Collar also sent a special treat for all of our doggie friends in the form of a money off code. Well we all like to save money but still get a treat! So go over to their site and take a look, I know you will find a flavour your dog will love, and type in  “TENOFF” at the till to get 10% off your order. Your doggie will love you for it!

*Disclaimer:- I was given a  150g box of dog treats from Top collar in return for writing a review . All opinions are my own (well Fin and Fred helped on this one) and unbiased*


Our day out

Today Baby C and I went out for the day with Auntie Danii! We had a shopping trip to the Trafford centre to do christmas shopping.

We went to lots of lovely shops, Boots, The Disney shop, BHS, Pandora, Victoria secrets, Debenhams. We love the Trafford centre. There are so many lovely shop all under one roof. As well as a brilliant food hall with loads of choice, Today we decided to go to TGI Fridays.

Baby C seemed to enjoy it.


Danii got some lovely cakes for her mum from Patisserie Valerie in Selfridges and she shared a little of the chocolate eclair with Baby C when we dropped in to say hello on the way home.